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An Introduction To The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Part Two Of Two Sensational Alex Harvey Band Playlists - These Will Be Songs You Probably Don't Know

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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I had decided to do a Sensational Alex Harvey Band playlist and as I looked I realised there were many excellent cover versions of songs that the band had done so I put together a covers playlist as well as my introduction to the band. You can read that, and listen here:

This playlist will be essentially The Sensational Alex Harvey Band with a few songs that he did outside of the band two of which I put together myself.

"Isobel Goudie" from "Framed"

"Isobel Gowdie" (correct spelling) was a Scottish woman who confessed to witchcraft at Auldearn near Nairn,Scotland during 1662.

I have decided to open with this take put together from horror films featuring Barbara Steele, and is an explosive intro to the sound of the band.

I'm also including Zal Cleminson's (SAHB Guitarist) Sin''Dogs live version from 2019 showing the pure power of the song

"Hammer Song" from "Framed"

This is a little lighter than the opener, but there is still power there and this was covered by Nick Cave who covered many SAHB songs with the Birthday Party and with the Bad Seeds. This was included on "Kicking Against The Pricks".

"The Last Of The Teenage Idols" from "Next"

The epic closing song from the album, apparently a reference to Alex winning a "Scotland's Tommy Steele" competition in the nineteen fifties, although this is not the most impressive song on this excellent album. That accolade belongs to ...

"Faith Healer" from "Next"

This is THE Sensational Alex Harvey Band song, the single note synthesiser rhythm, the monstrous block chords, some impressive metal riffs and the evangelical words make this irresistible. I never tire of hearing this.

This is a shortened version from The Old Grey Whistle Test.

I couldn't find a full live version by the band but this tribute band does a great job. I think you can tell that I love this song, and I saw them perform it live many times.

"Anthem" from "The Impossible Dream"

Another epic closer, almost all the songs so far have clocked in at over seven minutes. This is absolutely beautifully emotional. As I make this playlist I am missing lots of worthy songs and hope these will make you go out and find out more about this amazing band.

"Action Strasse" from "Tomorrow Belongs To Me"

At last a shortish opener although you can hear elements of "Faith Healer" in the rhythm of this excellent song, and this surely wants you to listen to the rest of the album with the coda that sounds like something Russian Cossacks would be dancing to.

"Boston Tea Party" from "Stories"

A slice of history here and still a great song. I didn't include anything from "The Penthouse Tapes" because that was covered in the first of these playlists as it was all cover versions.

Redcoats in the village and there's fighting in the streets

The Indians and the mountain men, well they are talking when they meet

The king has said he's gonna put a tax on tea

And that's the reason y'all Americans drink coffee

"Billy Bolero" from "Soldier On The Wall"

This is Alex solo, and a slideshow of mine, I love this song so much. That is all I will say, but see what you think.

"Water Beastie" from "Rock Drill"

A little light-hearted take on the Loch Ness Monster from the band's final album with some great guitar work from Zal Cleminson.

"Oh Spartacus" from "The Mafia Stole My Guitar"

The New Band made one album but it contains some gems like this one. Love Matthew Kang's guitar work on this.

"Roman Wall Blues" from "Soldier On The Wall"

I will close this with Alex's take on the WH Auden poem, with some video of, appropriately, a local Roman fort. As you know I live close to Hadrian's Wall.

So this is why you should go and check out all things Alex Harvey, and sadly missed, amazing artist but Zal is still going strong I think.

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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knockabout a year ago

    Another interesting playlist. They're not quite my thing, but that doesn't make them any less interesting.

  • Mariann Carrollabout a year ago

    Brilliant cover playlist concept

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