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2020 Musical Wrap Up

The Musical Gift That You DONT Take the Batteries From

By SirenSavagePublished 3 years ago 6 min read

The music that got me through the year. I swear this is always the story of my life. I have always had a severe love of music. Its gotten me through so much. Years, months, classes, moments. Music has been that one best friend that never made me feel guilty for whatever I was feeling.

This year was really no different. I've had anthems such as Lay It All On Me, which features Ed Sheeran. Its comforting no matter which perspective your listening to it from. Its nice to know there is someone out there ready and willing to love you no matter the load you bear. 2020 has been a rough year for pretty much everyone in one way or another. I think its safe to say we have all needed AND been someone's shoulder to cry on...virtually of course. Just One Yesterday by Fall Out Boys was another favorite for similar reasons. Pretty certain I wasn't the only one wishing for just one more yesterday. Unless yesterday was Monday. Then it can go in the trash right along with the rest of the year.

Strength in ourselves and strength from those closest to us. That's really what we have all been craving these long 12 months. And since most of us couldn't actually be there in person to give or receive strength music was there. It truly is the greatest form of empathy in my opinion.

Dance break. We've all had them. Doing housework for the umpteenth day in a row and laundry got you down? Boom. Play you some Whitney Houston remix. Or spice it up with Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovatos hit, Echame La Culpa. I may not stick to one genre, but that's because I cant stick to one mood. Therapists tell me its Bi-polar...but I'm pretty that's just a human thing. So even some mexi-pop seemed good for the soul sometimes. Especially when suffering from the laundry blues.

Rough Love Patch. Some of us had quarantine break ups, and some of us just had some rough patches. Either way you spin it love was tested this year. Sometimes you just need to cry it out. I promise you that a good hour long cry session is going to feel way better than half a bottle of whiskey and that pint of Ben and Jerrys in your freezer ( you know, the one that's been there for months and you cant remember how old it is.) Granted, if your still in your 20's then I apologize, Booze and Ben it up. I'm sure aspirin and water still work for your mild little hangovers. But if like me you hit that 30 mile marker... some sad songs and a good cry. Bonnie Raite and her classic Sometimes Love just Aint Enough is a personal favorite of mine. It gets right in the feels and gives a little twist. Or if classic isn't your style you could try Do Re Mi by blackbear. He gives me a good rap feel without making me feel like I'm listening to the same radio station as my 13 year old neighbor. So many good and sad love songs from so many genres that I could continue this part of the list for days. But I wont. Cause that would be rude and probably make you want to go back to Netflix. So...moving on.

Drinking Songs. I haven't studied the statistics for this year, but my guess is that drinking songs have been a hotter commodity this year in comparison to recent past. Whiskey Glasses will get you tearing into your shot glass in no time. Especially if were combining the previous heartbreak section with the drinking one...Which we all know happens more than we would like to admit. I'm sure not everyone likes country but that's ok. Some of us can hang with the twang and some cant. There are still some good drinking songs out there to suit your needs. Personally Id drink to I Wont Say Im In Love. You know...the one from Hercules. But hey, that's just me. I'm a Disney Drinker sometimes. Please don't tell my kid.

Bang that Head. Rock is always going to get a spot on my yearly playlist. Its been inevitable since I fell in love with it in middle school. This year definitely got some good throwbacks for all my sulky or restless moments. I broke out Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Sick Puppies, Crossfade, Panic At The Disco, I even dabbled in some Nickleback for old time sake. Judge if you will, but Rock knows how to get to ALL the feels.

Pop It Up. And no I'm not talking about the balloon at your nephews birthday party. That's just mean. Leave the kids balloon alone and go listen to the radio a bit. Every now and then you just want to stop thinking and bop your head with a good beat. Well pop delivered this year. Dance Monkey had a lot of people dancing in their heads, jobs, cars, and even showers. My 6 year old shakes her cute little booty every time she hears it. She even got me bouncing to Savage Love. I was not expecting that honestly. Now we both enjoy singing a little off key to a loud radio version of it every time my fiancé lets us.

New Jams. As much as I'm all about that comfort music I know that its silly never to find a new gem or two. So this year I jammed hard to some new music from an old favorite. NF dropped some new music that was a mood all itself. I get stuck in my own head and trauma a lot without even meaning to sometimes. NF has a way of making me feel not so alone in all my brain clutter. He has a knack for making me feel a little less crazy in a world of insanity. But I also branched out and discovered some new artists as well as jams. MISSIO and AJR are completely weird, completely new to me, and completely fabulous. Who says you always want music to make sense? Normal people. Blech.

Ok guys that wasn't even close to giving you everything from my 2020 tops playlist. But we also don't have a decade to go through my musical 2020 review. So this is where I call it quits and invite you to simply peruse it for yourself. Maybe its not your taste...and maybe you just need a new jam for a new year and don't know it yet. Be brave my fellow humans. Be brave.


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