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an exquisite pièce of art

By ChériPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Top Story - May 2024

Doe eyes small nose lips red perfect would be said,

What a pleasant beauty, must've been blessed.

Dancing fireflies couldn't compete, the fire burnt

in her eyes than; Let alone meet.

Lovely though; pretty smiles, stolen lies — never to deceive,

Sugar they called her, despite venoms would ever to receive.

Demanded they her to be aureus, instead

the boreas she truly was,

“she'd be a great bride”, nevertheless, she was on the

top of towers.

“Oh, what a kalopsia!”– Chuckles be heard, discovering

another lovely profound art.

More lively, more chilly,

scattering colours, bleeding words-


clutching liberosis–

Eyes met eyes, crept up mad smiles

Despise danced in air,

Sayin', never saw her so alive.

“How dare she?”– screams followed questions, not

caring the troth' or liveliness she scattered

Aishler broke into pieces, smoke bottled

shadows and dust.

Stars fell from the sky, night crept up;

hued that resembled death

Précisely, left an uncanny trap.

Blood bloomed on her skin, does went siren

Curled lashes they praised, fluttered open

Applauded they her, seeing the alter

"Without wings, such an exquisite pièce of art"

Staring them with crimson sight, voices stuck to her soul

“Forgetting own persona is profoundly foul–”

Doe eyes small nose lips red

perfect aureus to serve–

Sketching graphites on the carmine

would be nothing less salvatore.

Chéri, they called her,

Scattering pieces and exquisite art;

always embrace, never depart. 

sad poetry

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Very well written. Keep up the good work!

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Comments (6)

  • Anna 30 days ago

    Congrats on Top Story! :)

  • Abdul Qayyumabout a month ago

    This poem beautifully portrays a complex and multifaceted woman who is both admired and misunderstood. Her physical beauty is highlighted with descriptions like "Doe eyes," "small nose," and "lips red perfect," suggesting an idealized appearance. Despite this, there is a depth and intensity to her character, hinted at by "the fire burnt in her eyes," which indicates a passionate or fierce spirit. Her smiles, though lovely, are coupled with "stolen lies," suggesting that there's more to her than meets the eye, and perhaps her sweetness ("Sugar they called her") hides a more venomous nature. The societal expectation for her to be "aureus" (golden, perfect) contrasts with her true nature, "the boreas" (the north wind, cold and wild), highlighting the disconnect between who she is and who she is expected to be. The poem ends with a reference to "kalopsia," the delusion of things being more beautiful than they are, implying that those who admire her do not truly understand her. The overall tone suggests a critique of superficial judgments and societal expectations placed on women, celebrating her true, untamed self.

  • Margaret Brennanabout a month ago

    congratulations on TS. This is truly amazing. GREAT work.

  • Melissa Ingoldsbyabout a month ago

    Very awesome storytelling here. 👌🥰🥰😍

  • Sumayya Sharmin about a month ago

    Absolutely amazing

  • angela hepworthabout a month ago

    Gorgeous work.

ChériWritten by Chéri

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