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Identity Theft
10 days ago
Over two weeks ago, I experienced the worst thing that could happen to me. Someone stole my identity. To know that your identity has been stolen leaves you fearful of the unknown. It makes you wonder ...
Review 'The Lion King: The Gift'
a month ago
The moment that everyone has been waiting for, and that is the return of The Lion King. For some, this will be more of a nostalgic experience, for others; this might be the first time you ever heard w...
Rock Your Crown
2 months ago
African American women have always taken pride in their crown, which is our hair. According to the website Hype Hair, which promotes the latest hair trends for women of color, states that black women ...
Instagram Informercials
2 months ago
Like most millennials, I find myself scrolling through Instagram for hours at a time. Depending on your algorithm, you can come across some exciting and fun pages. You have your news pages, beauty pag...
Weight Loss Rollercoaster
2 months ago
Introduction: I am only speaking from personal experience. As a teenager, I practiced unhealthy eating habits. I would encourage men and women to not practice these unhealthy habits. Please consult wi...
Phases of Therapy
3 months ago
Imagine waking up on a crisp Saturday without the loud tones of your alarm. You roll over laying on your back, happy that you finally get to enjoy every inch of your bed. You wake up independent and f...