Sharlene Alba

Full of raw and unfiltered fluid poems, short stories and prompts on love, sex, relationships and life. I also review haircare, skincare and other beauty products. Instagram: grungefirepoetry fleekonabudget Facebook: grungefirepoetry 

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Forgiving Whispers
4 months ago
People say it's the memories that kill you in the end, the longing, the wishing for a different outcome that would never come to fruition that chipped away at your soul. Those words could've never bee...
Venomous Pain
4 months ago
The aesthetic of old Hollywood was something I grew up emulating until my teen years. Actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor and even Bette Davis were among the many women starring in the ...
Frozen Ink
4 months ago
You got a new heart and then you left me. The mind-numbing action took its toll on me at the time. And I guess I hadn't realized how much of an impact it had caused in me until just a moment ago when ...
4 months ago
I should've known the moment my soul recognized yours that you'd be the epitome of complication. My downfall lies in the way I enjoy loving you. From the involuntary curl in my toes when you make me s...
A Benevolent Touch
4 months ago
James Price had been a very naughty man up until karma had finally taken it upon itself to collect. He'd spent most of his days working at a minimum wage job, which barely left him with enough money t...
Scars on Fire
5 months ago
I have three rules that I, June Saltzman, have to abide by during my readings. Number one: Don't leave the spiritual plane door open. Number two: Never let them see even a glimpse of your fears. And f...