New Window

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New Window
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Pardon me for sounding crass but fuck, I'd love to fuck you without the burden of your injured heart preventing me from kissing your sharp tongue. I know you would. I know you'll hate yourself for letting a fleeting new love lead the way this time. I can't tell you how many times I've landed at a woman's feet, hoping she'd turn into the kind of woman you reveal yourself to be.

This is my ego talking. I need you to be my reflection. I need you to touch yourself while spitting mantras about everlasting love inside your mind. I need you to have me as your leading man. Never a flame you use to cauterize your wounds. Tonight, in this cabin you agreed to share with me, I'll show you just how pristine and salacious my vivid dreams of you have been since the moment I laid eyes on you.

Two in the morning. That's the time your body tells you your dreams are too heavy and you need some tea to help calm your thoughts. I know this because I'm up at the same hour, downing a beer, admiring the way your sculpted legs are barely covered by the long t-shirt you like wearing to bed as you quietly make your way into the kitchen. I also know you're wearing the kind of lingerie that would make a hooker blush underneath the cotton fabric of your shirt. I had no clue as to why your former toy could manage to dishearten you enough for you to let him go without so much as a goodbye and it was nice knowing you.

As I finish the last of my beer, I walk stealthily into the kitchen just as you sprinkle some cinnamon into your tea and place the empty glass bottle into the recycling bin. You don't seem surprised to see me up this late. Which lead me to believe you already knew I was down here, sitting in the dark, trying not to think of you.

You make it hard for me. In every sense of the word. I don't want tonight to be as potent as our defense mechanisms are when we realize we like someone new.

"Can't sleep either?" you ask. The light is dim in the kitchen, but I didn't need it to be brighter to know you were smirking as you stared down at your tea. Amusement fills me as I step closer to you, cornering you against the kitchen island. You smell like something that could ruin me, and I couldn't wait to turn into ashes for you.

"I had a nightmare. Damn clowns just won't give up, ya know?" I answer, and your laugh sounds like the same melodic hum I've grown attached to since we started talking again. I've done by best to tell you how ready I was to be your parachute. It was time I showed you.

"I know what you mean," you counter with a smile as you take one tip of your tea and hold my gaze hostage as I place your mug on the counter top. You say nothing when my hand tips your chin up and my lips brush up against yours. You hold your breath when our lips finally touch. Your body melts into mine, molding itself against me as my hand presses the small of your back and I hold you closer.

You taste like warm ginger and everything in the world that was unholy. Just how I like it. The sound of your moan was what made me pull away momentarily from your lips. My grin was too wide to contain as your head fell back while my fingers lifted up your shirt and dipped into your panties. Your inner walls contracted and pulled me in deeper, the friction my fingers were causing allowed me to flick my way towards your sweet spot. Your hands grip the edges of the island as I watch you bite your lower lip, to hinder yourself from moaning louder.

We were in the middle of the forest. No one would hear us. But that wasn't the reason why you kept your sinful words from coming out. You knew the moment you let yourself free from your protective chains, I'd have you. I wanted to show you there was nothing shameful about it. Your body had no reason to go without care while your heart still licked its own wounds.

The wetness surrounding my fingers helped me add stimulation to your clit, and your hips disobeyed any and all commands your brain was trying to enforce by writhing against my hand. I had you now. I had the power to take your desire as well as give you more of it and I decided the latter would suffice.

My fingers pulled out of you as I got on my knees in front of you, prying your legs open as my hands lifted your shirt up and my teeth slid your lace panties down your quivering legs. I placed your thighs over my shoulder and wrapped your legs around me in one quick motion as my tongue dived in between your slick folds. It was my turn to moan louder than I had wished to. I didn't care if you made me lose control. As long as you were the only one reigning me back into your warmth.

The tip of my tongue flicked and lapped at your clit, swirling and pulling at your sensitive nub as your hips rode my face. My fingers dig into your firm and round backside as I tasted the juices flowing in my direction, your body convulsing, your sighs and whimpers growing louder in desperation.

I pulled away from you then and joined you on top of the kitchen island. Licking my lips, I watched your petite body hover over mine as you brought my hard member out of my boxer briefs and began to tease your wet opening with it. The combination of your harmful strokes and the sexy way your wild and curly hair hung on your shoulders filled me with an eagerness I wasn't prepared for. Then again, I was never really prepared for someone like you. But I had no problem in drowning in the consequences of it afterwards.

Your hands pin mine above my head as you sink down onto my shaft, slowly letting it spread your walls, accommodating my size. You enjoy taking me in as deeply as you possibly could before you begin to slide and bounce against me. We both indulge ourselves in the pleasure this position had to offer, the angle most convenient for me to be able to bury myself inside you until I had your teeth aiming for the skin on my shoulder.

And when I feel the sensation of the flood of juices spilling down my cock, I grab onto your hips and thrust into you until your nails begin to scratch at my chest, your body riding me as fast and deep as it possibly could. The second I felt your inner walls pulling me in again, I lost it. I lost all of my control as I spilled every drop I had into you, all of my reservations, all of the excuses I've made up until now not to aim for what I've been wanting all along.

When you collapse onto my bare chest, and I feel your breath brushing up against my skin, I had no choice but to smile. Not just out of victory of making you cum so hard you left painful scratches on my shoulders, but because I knew the reason why I'd had so many doors closed in my face up until now.

You were the new window I needed to crack open, just so my lungs could absorb all the fresh air only you could ever give me.

Sharlene Alba
Sharlene Alba
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