Ruth Gibson

I am half of StRuth Adventures (Steve and Ruth). As a couple, we have been exploring the world together for nearly 2 decades. We have been to 30+ countries so far.

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Midnight Scuba Diving in Iceland
7 days ago
As a scuba diver, if Silfra isn't on your bucket list, it's probably because you haven't heard of it yet! With visibility over 100m, you really have to see it to believe it! It’s surely every diver's dream to experience water that clear, giving viz that can only be compared to the best HD experience that the best technology can provide! Silfra is a world-famous dive site located in Iceland, about 54 km North East of Reykjavik. The site can be reached in under an hour if the roads are clear of sn...
I Don't Miss You Today
3 months ago
I don't miss you today, I miss you every day I don't miss your face, I see you in every crowd I don't miss your laugh, I hear it in my dreams I don't miss your travel stories, I carry them with me The...
Ocean City in the Off-Season
3 months ago
Ocean City, Maryland, is a very popular ocean-side destination in the summer months, and our friends from Harrisburg, PA, who we were staying with raved about it being their favourite summer escape. T...
The Best Rock Climbing in El Chorro, Spain
4 months ago
El Chorro is a sleepy little village about an hour north of Malaga in Southern Spain. Amongst rock climbers, it is famous for having over 2,000 sports routes across a range of grades. There truly is s...
The Best Raspberry Flapjack Recipe to Increase Sports Performance
9 months ago
Flapjacks are the perfect accompaniment to an adventurous summer day—they are packed with energy, don't melt in the heat, and are light to carry for delivering an energy boost when required. Whether y...
Salamancas' Forgotten Town
10 months ago
I have been told that I have a gypsy soul. This is a phrase and a name that I like. This is because I have an insatiable desire to explore and discover new places. It's hard to imagine ever staying in...