Paulina Pachel

Contrary to popular belief, my first name is not pronounced PAH-LAYNA. I am an intricate mix of flavors and you'll get a taste of them through my writing pieces; versatility and vulnerability go together like a fresh-baked croissant+coffee.

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What Does a Credit Score Really Say About You?
2 months ago
Why is it that at times where we experience the worst, we have the best epiphanies? Why is it when we’re at the brink of a potential nervous breakdown, everything we were worried about until this very moment becomes obsolete? The simple answer to this is because it just is. It is irrelevant. It is unimportant. It is so passe. I believe that millennials get a terrible rep for the rotten few who refuse to showcase their ambitions, when in actuality we’re probably the generation placed under the mo...
Madeon - "All My Friends"
2 months ago
To most people who have never indulged in the house music scene, the name Madeon means absolutely nothing. To me, it’s a glorified name which makes my heart race, my stomach flutter, and my spirits so...
Musical Digest: Russian Rapper Pharaoh
2 months ago
I have always had a deep rooted curiosity for foreign music; specifically digesting the differences and implications of rap music in comparison to the rap cultures I’ve grown up with: Polish and Ameri...
Meet My Friend: Melancholic Smith
2 months ago
I find solace in a dark room. The soft raindrops against my window actually feel comforting, but once again I find myself stuck inside my own mind. I’m racing through hallowed corridors, trying desper...
The Truth About Tinder Dating
4 months ago
Spring is in the air and rooftop season is upon us. If you’re from Chicago or any metropolitan city with beautiful skyscrapers and overly priced gin tonics, you’re in for a treat. Because this is also...
Toxic Traits We're Too Scared to Recognize
4 months ago
It’s confession time. At one point, we all have been through a bad breakup. There finally came a time where we had subconsciously decided that it was time to let go of that one toxic boyfriend, girlfr...