Paulina Pachel

Contrary to popular belief, my first name is not pronounced PAH-LAYNA. I am an intricate mix of flavors and you'll get a taste of them through my writing pieces; versatility and vulnerability go together like a fresh-baked croissant+coffee.

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The Problem with the Word 'Brave'
2 days ago
Welcome to the era of political correctness where oftentimes words are taken out of context, misconstrued, mispronounced, and misunderstood. I’ve always been an advocate of being politically correct a...
America, Inc
11 days ago
This may not be the country that gave birth to me, but it is a country that has nurtured me. It is a country that has given me tough love, but love nevertheless. It is a country that broke me in half ...
The Distinction Between a Corporate Bee and a Robot
25 days ago
When it comes to making money, I’m inspired by regular, everyday people often driven by their lucrative side hustles. There is fuel being added to that fire. There is passion, understanding, and the s...
The Collegiate Hot Topic: Taking a Gap Year
a month ago
For those of you that pursued higher education, you can relate to the enormous monthly tuition statements, underpaid part-time jobs, money tossed at expensive textbooks you’ll never use, and sleepless...
Nathan Phillips: A Beacon of Hope
a month ago
In light of recent events, I want to take a step back, acknowledge and applaud Nathan Phillips. Vietnam veteran. Omaha elder. Keeper of the secret pipe. Water Protector at Standing Rock. Tribal member...
The Most Underrated Crisis: Quarter Life Crisis
a month ago
It’s 2017 in Chicago. Harsh windy day as it is January and I just landed my first full-time job, on my 22nd birthday shortly three weeks after graduating college. I cancelled a trip to LA with my best...