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Musical Digest: Dua Lipa "Houdini"

the song for going ghost without warning

By Paulina PachelPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
photo credit to @billboard

In an alternative, romanesque turn of events, my first introduction to Dua Lipa’s newest single “Houdini” is amidst the strobe lights of some exclusive underground party. It was meant to be a hot, sweaty and sexy anthem for all the concrete jungle cats and kittens that live for the night life, the fog machines, the dancing, the omnious mystery that unfolds when two strangers' eyes meet across the bar and it's an instant electric feel. But in reality…I rushed to my Spotify account as soon as my phone received the notification that the single dropped and melted into my couch with my airpods still intact.

“Houdini” is the first single off of the 3rd forthcoming studio album from Dua and as a devoted fan, from the first time I saw Dua at Aragon Ballroom during her first tour, where her artistry, her persona, her being felt within reach, is now nothing but a memory; I had to give it a listen.

I will admit that at first this was a hard record to warm up to…because it’s not coated in the same Dua Lipa formula we’re all accustomed to...but she's one of the authors behind the lyrics and that in and of itself deserves a proper musical digest.

Dua Lipa has made a name for herself in the industry and has collaborated with some of the most talented musicians and producers in the business. From hot girls like Megan the Stallion to Mark Ronson to Miley Cyrus andI’ve been following her career since the very beginning so, you might be wondering what sets this song apart from all the rest?

For starters, anytime there is a renaissance or an awakening of a new era, you can feel it. Dua has an interesting and therefore unspoken way of announcing a new chapter in her artistry by wiping out all of her social media, mainly Instagram posts, and present a clean slate. This song is not only the very beginning of a new pop-synth adventure, but it’s also a conceptualization of what is to come.

The song is an addition to her never ending repertoire of tracks that solidifies her place as an alpha-female.


Through vivacious lyricism to let it be known to potential suitors not take her presence and her essence for granted when she opens up with the following hook of the song:

I come and I go, tell me all the ways you need me

I'm not here for long, catch me or I go Houdini

I come and I go, prove you got the right to please me

Everybody knows, catch me or I go Houdini

Verse one:

Time is passin' like a solar eclipse

See you watchin' and you blow me a kiss

It's your moment, baby, don't let it slip

Come in closer, are you readin' my lips?

Kevin Parker and Danny L Harle are the producers behind the track that elevate the song, enticing us with that spark that was omnipresent from previous records. It’s a much fuller track with a four on the floor beat, which is notably a rhythm used in electronic dance music, complimented by a bongo line. It’s a catchy bop with an evident appreciation for vintage sonics and pop songwriting. Some may say it’s the feminine version to blackbear’s “Queen of Broken Hearts” lyric “I go ghost without warning” as Dua’s line suggests “catch me or I go Houdini” alluding to the famous illusionist Harry Houdini, and making the comparison by turning 'Houdini' into a slight metaphor for ghosting.

While Dua wears many hats and has sprinkled her resume with many of interests; from a cameo in the infamous Barbie movie to recording a popular hit “Dance the Night Away” for the Barbie soundtrack, Dua wants fans to remember that being a pop star is very much still her main passion, it’s who she is through and through.

Join me on the dance floor and check out ‘Houdini’ and embark on a new dance-pop adventure as the curtains of 2023 come to a close.

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  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Excellent work!

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