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Music Digest: "Something on My Mind" by Purple Disco x Duke Dumont x Nothing But Thieves

An unexpected menaje a trois of genres

By Paulina PachelPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
credits to imusic fun

Oh, that darn radio…a promotional tool that is actively competing for a seat at the table with the likes of Spotify and other prolific streaming services.

It begs the question as to what is its fundamental angle since nearly all mainstream pop and hip hop sounds exactly the same. High profile artists are finding themselves in court battling a melody, a beat, a line that ever so slightly sounds relatively similar to a track released by an indie artist. There doesn’t seem to be anything original or ripe to dive into anymore…

Or at least one would think.

Whenever I find myself in this space of perpetual sorrow and worry about where the future of music is heading, I think back to an interview I conducted with Morgan Page because he said something that stands out to me to this day:

“It takes 10,000 hours to become a master of your craft and I look to [the late] Avicii to that for combining two styles of country and electronic music to bring us ‘Wake Me Up’ and even if you’ve never really been a fan, I know you have heard that song at one point or another.

Due to the lackluster mainstream music climate, many listeners turn to curated playlists and their preferred streaming service to escape the predictability of the charts and indulge in search of their own melody…I’m guilty of that too.

Color me surprised when I stumbled upon Duke Dumont’s new collaboration with Purple Disco and [drum roll please] the one and only…Nothing But Thieves. It’s been a week since the concert at the Vic and I still am not over it. I keep reliving the show over and over and over. I’m not sure what this phenomenon is called, but whatever it is, I’m going through it.

The three artists joined forces together to collaborate on their newest hit single “Something On My Mind”.

Rumor has it that the band approached Purple Disco first to remix one of their alternative tracks, but after careful thought and a quick listen at Conor’s pipes…he had a completely different project in mind and hence a collaboration like no other was conceived.

This is a menaje a trois of sounds of revamped disco with a touch of house and indie infusion…a combination that blends well together even though much like Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” it consists of styles that shouldn’t work together, yet forge a beautiful throple.

credit to imusic fun

Conor’s vocals are the perfect instrument in and of itself starting the song off with a poetic, yet catchy lyric in which he says,

“I’m not interested in love in a soundbite

Or skippin' midway through the night, eh

Don't wanna cut down to the obvious highlights

You've gone too long unsatisfied”

A lyric where life imitates art because how many times have we found ourselves in this exact situation? This lyric is virtually a metaphor for that forbidden fruit craving; skip the small talk, speak of something meaningful without skipping the details because this is what one has been craving. I imagine this to have a hidden agenda in which the feeling of going too long unsatisfied stems from suppressing the urge of forbidden lust.

The song then proceeds to a pre chorus that asks the question two star crossed lovers lusting after each other would ask internally:

How does it feel when you lie awake?

Ignore the ache just to get through

How does it feel when you lie awake?

We’ve all been there. People can’t fall asleep for two reasons; either because they miss someone or they want to get with someone. Both feelings can often be so intense where sleep is out of the question and their neurotransmitters are working overtime; concocting and imagining things they wish they could do together.

The song then moves to a rhythmic chorus…

“Well, are you dreaming of me?

Cuz there’s something on my mind…

Yeah, my heart tried to warn me

Cuz there’s something on my mind’

I think that this infusion is the perfect anthem for the heated and the heartbroken. It’s a track that can feel nostalgic yet relatively modern. It’s something you can dance to as if no one is watching and something you can easily make out to.

I did not ever expect my two favorite genres, let alone artists to come together and create such a simple, yet enthralling piece of music.

So if you ask me…there’s plenty of space for originality. Is radio ready to embrace such risks?

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