Osei Agyemang

A passionate writer & editor with a zeal for creating exciting and innovative contents. Osei Agyemang is also a junkie fan who loves to visit and tell interesting sites around the world. He has studied Psychology and Journalism.

The Beautiful Side of Religious Tourism
13 hours ago
No doubt, tourism brings significant economic benefits for local communities and residents. It preserves and protects the natural environment and ensures compliance with customs, traditions and cultur...
Spain's Ibiza - A Destination with So Much Fun!
4 days ago
Spain has recently surpassed the record number of visitors with more than 82.6 million international arrivals by 2018. This represents an increase of .9 percent compared to 2017. Tourism in Spain is w...
So What Makes You Tell a Lie?
5 days ago
It is said that everyone has lied in his life. But does this justify the fact that it is inappropriate to deliberately misinform? It's funny how and why people deliberately make false statements that ...
After All, My Gray Hair Can Be Stopped!
6 days ago
I watched my father's hair closely when I shaved him. The gray was all on his head. So I wondered: So what exactly brings about gray hair. Men are mostly gray, but we forget that women are also gray. ...
It's the World's Smallest Country but Has a Lot to Offer in Terms of Tourism!
10 days ago
Even though the Vatican city is the smallest country in the world, it is a collection of cult art and architecture. This interesting city is located in southern Europe of Italy. With a little more tha...
Hong Kong's Replica of Noah's Ark!
12 days ago
In the Bible, the story of the global flood had Noah and his immediate family empathizing with two of every kind of animals in world with 8,000 kinds of them on the ark. The family saved a collection ...