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Saudi Arabia's Love For Their Tourism Industry Is Unimaginable!!

Saudi Arabia

By Osei AgyemangPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Were it not for COVID-19, that has for numerous years been a stumbling block in all aspects of our lives in the world, tourism would have been boasting quite a huge global revenue as at now.

However, we are writing a different story now. Thanks to the several COVID vaccinations and other 'fighters' that have been introduced to us, the world is gradually getting over the pandemic, with several countries bouncing back positively.

Saudi Arabia is one of the many countries whose tourism industry has been very remarkable, regardless of the few challenges apart from COVID.

Saudi's tourism industry has for several years been growing quickly, as each and every organization and even individuals have all joined the temporary fad to promote tourism. The country has always been able to pull in thousands of guests to Saudi Arabia in a month and even a year.

The Middle Eastern country has put in so much in its tourism sector and opened itself up as a significant vacationer destination in the world.

The country is still putting all efforts to make Saudi Arabia one of the patronized if not the biggest vacation destination in the world. Hence, the government started giving visitors visas for the first time in 2020 just for a surprising movement for a customarily covered society.

All these were in accordance with measures to redesign the tourism industry since Saudi tourism authorities confirmed why they are so much into this sector. In fact, billions of dollars have been generated from the travel industry all through the Kingdom, from showy hotels to new air terminals and so forth.

The speed at which the government of Saudi Arabia is putting resources into its travel industry stems on the fact that, the tourism business can employ right over 700,000 people and can also make up to a million additional jobs.

Every one of these initiatives were started by the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the kingdom’s 34-year-old boss policymaker. The Prince’s 2030 vision is still on course as he looks to change the substance of the economy as people still have at the rear of their brains that Saudi Arabia is about oil and investment.

Saudi Arabia is putting resources into many tourism projects including the Red Sea venture that covers a remote region with 120 miles of coastline, in excess of 90 islands and broad coral reefs that would one day be a plunging and swimming heaven.

The Kingdom envisions to construct more hotels to meet the government’s objective of 100 million residential and worldwide visits by 2030, more than twofold the 41 million of 2018.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom has on the fifth of March, 2022, lifted the restriction of non-stop departures from 17 African nations including: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, Malawi, Mauritius, Zambia, Madagascar, Angola, Seychelles, United Republic of Comoros, Ethiopia and Afghanistan.

The directive, which was issued by Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Interior, which took effect from March 5, 2022. But new order propel all new travelers to Saudi Arabia to get an insurance that takes care of the cost of treatment from Covid disease.

Again, the Kingdom expressed commitment to complete the implementation of its national plan on immunisation, which would enable, among other principles, administration of booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine and applying procedures to verify health status of pilgrims at the point of entering any facility, including events centres, airports, and public transportation.

The ministry pronounced that the new measures will be exposed to constant assessment by the health officials and in accordance with the country's epidemiological circumstance. Saudi Arabia is one richest countries in the Middle East.


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