Lorraine Woiak

I am a psychology and music major at the University of North Dakota. As a part of the Army ROTC program, I am working towards a career as a military psychologist. 

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Institutions vs Independent Living
3 months ago
The issue of putting the elderly or people of disabilities in institutions versus allowing them to live independently has been a debate for years. While there are many arguments for both sides, many p...
Language and Mental Health
3 months ago
We all have used words to emphasize how we feel. "I feel depressed." "I'm OCD." "I'm having a panic attack." However, using language like this in everyday life may have a negative impact on those with...
3 months ago
Earning money by taking surveys online is the new craze. They are an easy way to make some pocket change while sitting around. But with so many websites and apps, it is hard to figure out which ones a...
Why Have I Been Forgotten?
3 months ago
Why have I been forgotten? It is my daughter's fith birthday. Yet another I will miss. I sent a letter in the mail but I can only hope she gets it. My wife has told me that she asks every night, "Is d...
If You End It
3 months ago
The pain is unbearable. You think you are alone... but I've been there. The pain is invisible... but I can still see it. If you end it... The pain will not end but explode. The pain is a grenade. Your...
4 months ago
Whether you are a long distance student or are taking some online courses, there are multiple options for proctored exams. The rules on who can be your proctor are most likely listed on your school we...