Lorraine Woiak

I am a psychology and music major at the University of North Dakota. As a part of the Army ROTC program, I am working towards a career as a military psychologist. 

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The Rwandan Genocide
8 days ago
Everyone has heard of the holocaust that killed millions of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and any other person that didn't fit the Nazis' views of perfect. And while this tragedy had a lasting impact on...
The Eastern Timber Wolf
9 days ago
I volunteered at the Timber Wolf Preservation Society (TWPS) from 2012 to its closing in 2014. As a tour guide, I learned things I never thought I would. My first-hand experience showed me that much o...
Psychology Myths
a month ago
Thanks to movies, social media, and poorly executed experiments, there are many rumors about psychology that hurt the field or those suffering from mental illness. Here are just a few myths you may ha...
How To Pick Up Clarinet at Any Age
a month ago
Music has a tremendous influence on everything in life, from entertainment to mental health. That said, learning how to play an instrument for the first time may be daunting. Whether you have kids sta...
One Video, One Life Forever Changed
a month ago
Music has been a part of my life since I was little. However, I did not realize that music really was my life until I was headed in a direction I never thought I would be. As a musician, I am often as...
ALEKS: The Worst Online Learning Program
2 months ago
I was first introduced to ALEKS my freshman year of college. Like most first years, I had to take College Algebra as a general education credit and a prerequisite for many other courses. This year, my...