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Hey everyone! I post things from my thoughts to the adventures I take in my busy life! Come check me out, if you like what I have to say leave me a gift!!

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Saturday Night Bible Study
9 months ago
Who has been dragged to bible study when they where young? We all had to do it, and sometimes it was even fun. Fast forward about ten years. I had just gotten out of a very abusive relationship. I was...
Beauty Hacks
9 months ago
Let's face it, life as a woman can be a disaster. We run all day long. Whether it's raising a family, perusing a career, going to college, or a combination of all three. Sometimes, it's nice to get a ...
PTSD Final Chapter
9 months ago
Here is the final chapter of my story. In my last post I told you about the end of my mother’s reign of terror. Keep in mind that this is only part of what happened. If I were to tell all, I would hav...
Kuri - How She Came to Be
10 months ago
Kuri was the beloved home robot of the Jefferson family. She had been programmed years ago, when her model was the top of the line. She was capable of calling, texting, capturing pictures, playing mus...
PTSD Part Two
10 months ago
I left off in Globe, AZ where my mother had stabbed herself in the leg in an attempt to save my father’s soul. In her delusional state, she had went into hysteria about this. I will continue this stor...
Boon Docking - Phase Two
10 months ago
First week living in the fifth wheel has been a success! The weather out here hasn't been the best. We live in the southwest, so we are caught between the winter cold and the spring monsoons. That has...