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Karma: Continued

Our own thoughts affect our surroundings and the way we feel.

By Kathleen WilliamsPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

In my last post, we discussed the what ifs and questions pertaining to Karma. How does it affect us and to what magnitude? Do we accept it as part of fate or do we have more influence than that? I think we do. You know that saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you?” What if that’s more than just an old saying. Can we change the blessings we receive? If we make the conscious decision to do good every day and take into consideration the effect, we have on others we in turn are making that same decision for ourselves.

As humans, we will never be perfect. That being said, the world would be a lot less fun if we were. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone makes harsh judgments. As a species, we are prone to accidents—verbal and physical. This doesn’t condemn us to “hell." It doesn’t mean that for every mistake made we will be severely punished. It does, however, affect us when we choose to either make amends or not. The effort put in to making things right.

Our own thoughts affect our surroundings and the way we feel. Ever watched a movie or been to therapy? They’ll tell you thoughts become reality. If you sit there constantly looking negatively at yourself those negative thoughts will grow into something more. The same works when you try to be positive. Say you have a habit of criticizing your body. You spend hours a day picking yourself apart because, to you, your body isn’t what society says is beautiful. You’re self-conscious no matter what you do. Every attempt you make to feel better about yourself because another reason to loathe the temple that is your body. Take a moment to be grateful that you are alive; that in itself is the biggest blessing of all. Make the decision to write down all the things you are grateful for, not only your appearance. Do you have someone in life to look up to? Do you have a job? A roof over your head and food to eat? Remember to be grateful for those important things for one week. Just a week, do you notice any change in the energy around you. Do you feel even the slightest amount of peace throughout the day knowing you have so much to be grateful for? Simple things like this are the perfect example of self Karma.

Self-Karma, as I like to call it, is very powerful and can change your life. Treat yourself as if you where the rarest diamond on earth and learn how to protect that beautiful diamond with all you have. As we are all Americans here, we have the right to speak freely. We all have the right to speak our mind. However, not all of us choose to speak kind words to one another. Largely, those people that criticize to no end are very miserable themselves and need something else to condemn simply because they may not be able to confront their own demons. Don’t take the “norm” and critics personally. Those kids that may have picked on you in school, they could have had a terrible life at home and were only projecting that life onto you. Take a moment to forgive these people, not because they need forgiving—do it for the sake of you. Do it for your own self peace and get rid of that extra weight those opinions have on you. Learn to love every part of who you are physically and mentally. We are all unique and that is what makes us beautiful. Every single one of us.


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