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Saturday Night Bible Study

Worst Date in History

By Kathleen WilliamsPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Who has been dragged to bible study when they where young? We all had to do it, and sometimes it was even fun. Fast forward about ten years. I had just gotten out of a very abusive relationship. I wasn't looking for a new boyfriend. This guy seemed pretty nice, so I had decided I would hang out with him a bit. For a few weeks we would just sit out on my porch and talk. He was easy to talk to. He seemed like a good 'ole country boy. Right down to the dirty cowboy hat. He even had a can of tobacco in his back pocket and called me ma'am. Sounds like the beginning of a cute country movie, right? Wrong! So very wrong.

We had began to spend quite a bit of time together. He would stop by my work on his lunch to see me occasionally. We went to a lake a few times. Nothing that had really qualified as a "date." He had not formally asked me out. I was just enjoying talking to a nice guy. It was strange to find a nice guy after what I had just went through with my ex. He seemed hard working, easy going, and all around nice. We got to know a lot about each other's likes and dislikes. We became pretty goofy friends.

One day he asked me if I would like to go on a date with him. I was all for it. I had no reasons I could think of, of why we couldn't go on ONE date. So, I agreed. He didn't tell me where we were going. He had asked if I was free on Saturday, night. Ok, why not? He told me to be ready. When he came to get me, he asked how I felt about bible Study. My heart sank. You know that feeling when your stomach turns and you feel like you might faint? It was the question that bothered me. It was the way he said it. Was he really planning on taking me to bible Study on our first date? Not to mention it was Saturday, night. Who goes and does that? He did, apparently. I decided I was overreacting and went with it. I could overlook a bad first date. I mean, it could be good that he was religious. Right?

So, we pull up to this old adobe house. There are cars and trucks everywhere. I had never been to a bible study as an adult. Was I supposed to bring a bible with me? I would find out when we got inside. He politely, introduced me to everyone there. They were all nice. The man leading the group began what sounded like a sermon. I can handle this, we couldn't be here too long. Church is only in services a few hours. This couldn't take that long. I was wrong, so wrong.

For starters I was, indeed, supposed to bring a bible. They had extras and handed me one. And it began. Not only was he entirely too friendly with one of the other girls there, he left me to mingle during the study breaks. He legitimately went outside to talk with the men. I was quiet the entire time. Partly in shock. Partly afraid of what might come out of my mouth. This was a Pentecostal church group. I have nothing against any religion. To each their own, I just personally don't agree with all of their beliefs. This particular night though, I wanted nothing to do with anything going on that night. After the first hour I wanted to go home. I had sent him a text asking if he could take me home, still trying to be polite. He ignored it! So I asked him quietly, he said it was almost over. At this point, I was pissed. I hadn't wanted to come to this, he hadn't asked, he had been rude all night, and now he wouldn't take me home. I was ready to walk out and find my own way home. When I didn't go back to the group when the next study break ended he came to talk to me. I told him if he didn't take me home I was leaving.

We left and had our first fight. If that's even what you can call it. He was mad that I had been rude wanting to go home. That was it for me. A person can only be polite for so long. I told him I had not expected to go to a bible study as a first date. He should have told me. Before I could even finish all the things that had irked me, he cut me off. He said he thought I was a "good Christian woman." He thought I would love it and see him as a "good Christian man." No, just no. This man was crazy. I realized he was just too religious for me and I had not seen this part of him. Had we even talked about religion? I couldn't remember. I told him to take me home. Guess what, he didn't. He took me up to some parking spot to look at the stars and talk. Did he think we had any kind of future after all that? He really was crazy. I asked him where we were going. He apologized for being cross with me, and said he brought me up there to "clear our minds."

At this point, I had decided to walk home. I started to get out of the truck and he grabbed my arm. Thinking the worst I twisted out of his grip and went to jump out. He said he would just take me home. I hesitated, did I even want to get back in that truck with him? I decided I didn't want to walk home and closed the door. The entire drive back he talked about how he wanted a future with me. Somehow, he managed to make the entire thing about God. Finally, we got to my house. He said he had hoped we would have had a better night. He actually asked if he could talk to me the next day. Before he could start about baptizing me, I told him I needed some space. I tried to be nice, still, and told him I might call him. I did not call him. He called for about a week. Left text messages and voicemails. I finally just blocked him.

I still see him around town. I make the effort to go the opposite direction. To some people, that might have been a great first date. To me, it was a nightmare! I made sure to bring up religion when I started to talking to my now boyfriend of four years.



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