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My Poshmark Experience
16 days ago
I signed up for Poshmark at 2:20 AM on a cold Wednesday on the second day of January, 2019. My experience so far has been good, bad, and ugly.
a year ago
In 2050, the overpopulation of planet Earth became insurmountable. Led by Dion Nusk, a team of world-renowned scientists came together to build a sustainable atmosphere on Saturn’s sixth largest moon ...
Floating Colonies in the Deep Blue Sea
2 years ago
Has the government got you down? Are you tired of being a part of society? Are you longing for a modern-day utopia? Do you wish you could just float away to sea like Tom Hanks in Castaway (Just kiddin...
Why Is My Mouth So Itchy After Eating Fruit?
2 years ago
Have you ever eaten a fruit such as an apple, banana, or perhaps a kiwi, and been totally confused as to why your tongue was so itchy? Or maybe your lips and mouth start to swell like Will Smith in Hi...
How to Become a Stand-Up Comedian
2 years ago
Do you like to make your friends and family laugh? Are your jokes so bad that they can be misconstrued as funny? Many people have wondered what it would be like to try out stand-up comedy and perhaps ...
David Beckham Returns to the MLS
2 years ago
Miami hasn’t had an MLS franchise since 2001, when the Miami Fusion went under. But on Monday, that changed, as the MLS granted the Beckham Group an expansion team. And the Latino population couldn’t ...