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The beginnings of a beautiful civilization.

By Jack EmeraldPublished 5 years ago 2 min read
A geyser just south of Nusk's domed civilization.

In 2050, the overpopulation of planet Earth became insurmountable. Led by Dion Nusk, a team of world-renowned scientists came together to build a sustainable atmosphere on Saturn’s sixth largest moon Enceladus. The geysers at Enceladus’ south pole generated the initial energy required to build this man-made atmosphere. By 2055, Nusk and company completed a domed infrastructure just north of Enceladus’ south pole that could eventually support one million people. This infrastructure includes a fully stocked sea of fish, 100,000 acres of farmland, and pastures full of every farm animal imaginable.

The Announcement

On March 8th, 2055, Dion Nusk got on the airways to announce to the American people:

The time has come. People are dying by the thousands. America is no longer great, but I have made Enceladus great. There is enough farmland and pastures for one million of us to live and thrive. I am opening a lottery for 100,000 lucky individuals and their loved ones to join me on Enceladus. We will begin shipping out fleets of 1,000 starting April 1. The space Hyperloop journey will be a mere three days. Also, did I mention that there will be free WiFi?

The First Settlers

The American people immediately took Nusk up on this offer. Their journeys were relatively easy, and most were initially happy to leave the old world behind. Many started as farmers and fishermen. Doctors, engineers, and lawyers from the old world filled similar positions in this new world. Primary education institutions were built, and higher education took place on the internet. The first year of the settlement was productive, people found their roles in the new society. The society functioned on the principles of socialism. There were no elected officials, as all societal decisions were made by the settlers using Nusk’s proprietary polling system. In essence, this society was a well-oiled machine and was running smoothly.

A Turn of Events

Nusk had been watching from afar. He was not yet ready to permanently live on Enceladus but would visit occasionally. Nusk was planning to visit Enceladus on the one year anniversary of the new settlement; during this time he would announce the official name of this civilization. Thus he boarded his private spaceship and took the hyperloop journey to Enceladus, arriving 15 days before the ceremony.

Soon after his landing, an asteroid the size of New York City, crashed into the middle of the Hyperloop, destroying the Hyperloop beyond repair. Nusk, stranded on Enceladus, went into a tailspin of mania. No one heard from him for the next two weeks, but the one-year-anniversary ceremony was still on schedule.

Out of destruction comes genius; Nusk locked himself in his laboratory with his two confidants. They were inventing something great.

The Ceremony


Drinks flowed, delicious food was abundant, and all settlers gathered in the epicenter of this civilization. Nusk got on the main stage to make his highly-anticipated announcement. No one knew what was about to hit them, “My people, it is with great pride that I announce the name of our civilization. Drumroll please!”

The people whistled and hollered in anticipation!

“HAHA! I have a surprise! My latest and greatest invention!” Shouted Nusk, as he pointed to the sky. The settlers all looked up, to which they saw a glowing white mass parachuting down to the stage.

“I now give you Kuri!” Yelled Nusk, hardly able to contain his excitement. The settlers were confused. All fell silent. What is this white robot?

Our civilization will be known as Kuriacity. Our namesake is standing right next to me. Her name is Kuri. Kuri is kindness, my friends. Kuri is our leader, our greatest companion. We will be a land of curiosity and innovation. Kuri will inspire us to be great, and be mindful that anything is possible. I now turn to Kuri to lead the rest of this ceremony.

The music erupted from Kuri, and Kuriacity was born.

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