Evelyn Starr

Is a practicing Wiccan who applies her spiritualism to real life situations and advice, but also dabbles in dark fantasy. She lives in Oregon and spends most of her time casting spells in the woods.

What Is Guy Culture and How to Disrupt It
5 days ago
Many people—men and women—hear the word "feminism" and scream, ridicule, and run away. It has been made out to be a bad word; a trigger word. The story of feminism gets twisted into "women hate men" a...
Creepy Things Every Horror Fan Should Own
11 days ago
If you're like me, you adore all things dark, scary, and creepy. Monsters, blood, and death are not morbid subjects for you, but fun ones! If that's the case, then you absolutely need to get the rundown on creepy things every horror fan should own.
Makeup Trends in 2018 to Watch Out For
a month ago
More people become enraptured by the idea of natural and organic products every day. At the same time, we see fashion trying to send us out into the reaches of the cosmos (remember Galaxy leggings?). ...
Best 80s Horror Movies of All Time
a month ago
Some of the most infamous horror movies of all time came out of the 1980s. As movie producers in the 2010s run out of ideas for scary movies, they frequently default to creating remakes of huge 80s fr...
Simple Natural Light Portrait Photography Tips
a month ago
If you're an actor or a model, you understand the importance of headshots or portraits. Portrait photography isn't just a point and shoot operation, it's about capturing the essence of your subject. A...