Dave Smith

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D-Day Siblings Reunited 75 Years Later
9 days ago
On 6th June 1944, allied forces undertook what became the biggest seaborne invasion in history. In what was known at the time as "Operation Neptune," 160,000 American, British, Canadian, Australian, N...
Has the Science Behind Gender Dysphoria Been Discovered?
16 days ago
Do transgender men and women carry genes that influence their gender identity? That's the basis of a new study by scientists from Augusta University in Georgia, who believe that there is genetic compo...
Cannabis Could Be Legal in the UK in the Next 5-10 Years
16 days ago
Three British MPs predict that cannabis will be made fully legal in the UK within the next 5-10 years. Jonathan Djanogly (Conservative), David Lammy (Labour) and Sir Norman Lamb (Liberal Democrats) ma...
Your DNA Data Can Be Used to Make a Scarf
18 days ago
You may have heard the often-quoted fact that humans and chimpanzees share 96% of their DNA in common. You also share 90% of your DNA with your cat, and a surprising 60% with a banana! But did you als...
How Accurate Are Those Home DNA Tests?
18 days ago
Analysing a person's DNA was once a difficult, time-consuming, and expensive task—reserved for the police, and performed in high-tech laboratories. But these days, you can pick up a home paternity tes...
Who’s Your Daddy?
18 days ago
The DNA test as we know it today is a very recent development. It only became available around three decades ago, giving families & lawmakers at last, a solid, accurate, and scientific way to prove wh...