Catie Consolo

Just a college student happy to learn new things and share my stories!

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Therapy: Why I Tell Everyone They Should Go
4 months ago
December 2015 Waitress: (Places the check on my table.) "Whenever you're ready." Friend: "Thank you!" (Places debit card into the folder, alongside my cash.) Me: "Wait!! How on Earth are they going to...
Mama, Who Bore Me
4 months ago
I am not a bad person I am not selfish Even if I am, it is a normal stage in my development I will grow from here I need encouragement You give advice and ridicule and rage You are hurt That part is m...
I Was a Dog-Walker for Three Months - This is What Happened
7 months ago
In the last few months I have earned great joys and great hardships. One of those hardships occurred when my part-time coffee job told me I was not meeting the job requirements as expected and I was l...
Click and Grow Testimonial
8 months ago
This is not a paid sponsorship or review, just a happy young gardener sharing her experience using this product. Are you a gardener with a green thumb? Do you breathe life into your plants without a s...