Mama, Who Bore Me

by Catie Consolo about a year ago in nature poetry

A Poem to My Birth-Giver, and a Prayer for Healing

Mama, Who Bore Me

I am not a bad person

I am not selfish

Even if I am, it is a normal stage in my development

I will grow from here

I need encouragement

You give advice and ridicule and rage

You are hurt

That part is my fault

But I cannot stop living my life

This is my last chance to travel for quite some time

I will not apologize

If I were a man, my assertiveness would not be an issue

The bible also says to address your grievances privately

And to go to church

And to tithe

And that love keeps no record of wrongdoings

So afford me the grace you ask of me

Before I fade away

And walk into my own life

With a garden and a dog

And a tree for my papa

As I know,

I am enough

nature poetry
Catie Consolo
Catie Consolo
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