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A Jupiterian writes home about Earth

You asked how my stay was while on Earth

By Shanon Marie Clare Angermeyer NormanPublished about a month ago 2 min read
These creatures diet mostly on water and sunlight.

The Earth and Earthlings or inhabitants have a symbiotic relationship growing together through instinctual progression. Some people define earthy elements as "natural" while defining desired notions and will-powered constructions as "manufactured" also called "man-made products". As the natural and manufactured environments have molded me, I have modified my surroundings accordingly based upon the suburban, city, or country location.

In suburban neighorhoods, the combination of city and country elements is apparent. Natural components include materials, grass, flowers, trees, shrubs, pets, and insects, not to mention weather - which is included in every location. Manufactured compnents include housing units, fences, swimming pools, machines, and sound instruments for music or alarms. In suburban environments, my personal modications include gardening, landscaping, decorating, organizing, recycling, cleaning, and nurturing. These modifications in a suburban environment are meant to provide comfort, beauty, peace, and safety. A plain fence painted is for my preference of beauty. A dirty tub scrubbed is for my perception and preference of cleanliness. A tiny dining table added is for my belief in peacful table manners. Suburban modifications are unique to each resident as is observed walking or riding through a suburban neighborhod.

In the city environmnet, the construction of condominiums and apartment buildings is more prevalent. Natural elements are not as obvious as manufactured cement, bricks, steel, and the other hard man-made materials that construct a typical city. The sounds of traffic, alarms, sirens, and crowds are evident to alert an earthling to their whereabouts. When I dwell in a city abode, personal modifications include machinery such that would bring pleasure like a stereo for music or a television for theatrics. Home decor such as plush furniture, thick and soft carpets, and other aesthetically pleasing adornments provide pleasure, comfort, and enjoyment of beauty. Natural additions that can thrive in confined spaces without outdoor weather conditions include potted plants and house-trained pets. Cats and birds are easier pets in apartments, whereas dogs and larger pets would need more space.

The "country" environment differs greatly from city and suburb. Long distances from home to typical "civilization" (city and suburb) are common requiring strong and reliable personal transportation modes. Gravel paths and natural trails through woods on grass are more abundant in the country than finding a sidewalk or tarred highways like in the city. Modifications made by me in a country environment would include any acquisition or creation that would ensure safety, comfort, and human survival such as weather preparations (hurrican windows or tornado cellar shelters) and strong reliable personal transportation (like a car or truck) to get to and from isolated and populated areas. Effective communication devices (ranging from older methods like landline phones or radio systems to modern device like internet and cell phones) could also be useful and helpful during any crisis to any environment. Farming equipment and sewing machines seem much more useful and appropriate in isolated environments so I consider those practical manufactured additions for environmental modification.

Though it may seem obvious that modifications would change based on the location, only those people who have resided in various locations and environments could confirm and testify to the differences. Since I have lived and resided in these three civilized earthling environments, I am aware of how my personal modifications change per location. Basic needs must always be met for any living earthling to survive regardless of the location. Therefore adaptations and changes are necessary after concurring that the envirnmental differences require such implementation.

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Shanon Marie Clare Angermeyer Norman

Award winning published Poet. Singer/Actress. Graduate of USF.

Here I publish editorials, reviews, short stories, and poetry. I hope you will subscribe and even better pledge. Enjoy!

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    Shanon Marie Clare Angermeyer NormanWritten by Shanon Marie Clare Angermeyer Norman

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