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An open letter to all the hustlers

To all the hustlers and hard workers, I hope you learn to live for yourself the way you want to live

By Hridya SharmaPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
An open letter to all the hustlers
Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

To be or not to be, to go all in or to unwind and relax, we question our dreams, running in constant chase of our quests to come true, we are the ones who never sleep. Dreamers we are called, the ones who passionately strive in the endeavours of the best they could ever be, here is a letter to me, a letter to you. In the stride of embracing the best you have ever been, nurture your soul before the onset of the abundance in you that lies unseen.

Too bold, too much for your age, you are doing too much, how often have you heard these notions been used to describe you? As we tirelessly strive to achieve the next goal we have in our mind, we are often told that we are being hard on ourselves, to enjoy life a little. Life in its entirety passes by us in its dynamic flair, and the existence we envisage holds unique individuality to each one of us. The choices one makes for themselves belies them and them only, and the external realm has no say in it. The ones who are fuelled by ambition and big dreams are often the ones who strive for their dreams, one milestone at a time and the cost for their grit prices the deemed reality the society wants them to have. I hope when you read this you remember that it is your life and the only one it should make sense to is you.

Often the pomp and show we engage with, belies the truth that some part of you is not happy with the existence you stride in. The ones who are living their best life need no validation to live their best. Confidence and completeness are often silent in their endeavours, needing no external approval on their existence, they carry their actions on the grounds of what makes them happy and not on what someone else beholds for them. Whereas insecurity and low self-esteem are often belated with the loudness of every step they take, they seek constant validation and approval of what they think and want to be noticed and appraised by everyone. It is often the inner world that leads us into chaos in the externality

We are seldom bogged down by the elusive allure of comfort that lies brings with it, but when our dreams do not let us stop until we achieve everything we yearn for, the pace at which we march does not coincide with the expectations the world has for us. The perception of fun and unwinding for us is understanding ourselves in solitude and spending time with the people we genuinely care about. I cannot fathom the reason behind the counterfeited fallacies of how one wants to spend their life to be determined by prescribed timelines laid down by someone external to the person. To be or not to be is the decision only the person who should be what they want to be should take. The hustlers out there, I hope you learn to believe in yourselves so effortlessly, that the gallant echoes of the external realm turn into faint whispers of nothingness.

To all the hustlers and hard workers, I hope you learn to live for yourself the way you want to live and give yourself the appreciation, the rest and the credit you deserve while recalibrating for the battles that you have to fight while you win the war to have the reality you will have.

You might rest, you might be wearied, or you might cry as the water reaches above the nub,

But don't you dare quit, because we are the dreamers, the ones who never give up.


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  • Manikandan Blog Writer6 months ago


Hridya SharmaWritten by Hridya Sharma

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