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Why Not Boycott Tourism to USA, UK, Kenya, Ghana & Malawi Since Corporations Are Being Boycotted Over Israel Genocide Visit South Africa Instead

Why is no one calling for the boycott of tourism

By IwriteMywrongsPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
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Wednesday, 3 June 2023

By TB Obwoge

Surely the United States and for the most part the United Kingdom don't need tourism to survive, however a 2024 with much less visitors would hurt the industry. As for Kenya, Ghana and Malawi that need tourism to fund their budgets it's worth skipping the trips and choosing better options.

South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda, Namibia are all better options instead of Ghana, Malawi and Kenya. As a matter of fact if you want to see the same nature in Kenya you can get that in Tanzania, even bigger and better.

Also here is a sidenote about the rampant and ignored corruption in Ghana, the Uk high commission called out Ghana for their corruption. She even said it is so bad that its become normalized, this includes not only the government but the scamming and fraud from Ghanians.

Screenshot from Israel in Ghana

With Ghana and Kenya both looking to enact into law the most ridiculous and wasteful Anti-LGTBQ bills it would make it the boycott sweeter. The money Ghana's government wasted on this bill already could've been spent on bettering the roads, building and repairing schools.

Or perhaps placing furniture in schools where children sit or lay on the floor to do their work. School work without textbooks I might add, as most Ghanian children attend schools without textbooks.

Screenshot from Modern Ghana news article

Screenshot from Facebook

According to Google there are only 200 Israeli citizens in Ghana, there are more then 30,000 Lebanese living in Ghana as well. In 2014 a Lebanese-Ghanian took Ghana to the Olympic games. However you would never know that as there hasn't been any political or religious outcry for Israel bombing Lebanon.

Screenshot from Israel in Ghana

No Ghanians throwing themselves on the ground, falling out in prayer of the thousands of Palestinians killed in the 50-years that Israel has been slaughtering citizens of Palestine.

Screenshot from Israel in Ghana Church Service

Not one word, however President Akufo-Addo went on a tear, talking about how Ghana all of sudden stands with Ukraine, when he never declared this before. As a matter of fact he's only blamed the war on why his economy was performing so poorly.

Screenshot from Israel in Ghana Church Service

He used this as an excuse several times, he never once proclaimed he stood with Ukraine. Not until he went to the USA-Africa Summit, where he told a bold faced lie that his Northern neighbors in Burkina Faso had contracted with Wagner.

Screenshot from Israel in Ghana Church Service

All while Anthony Blinken nodded his head, knowing damn well it wasn't true as the United States government has much better intelligence than that of Ghana.

Ghana has built in over 1 billion USD into it's budget that it assumes it will be getting from tourism. The tourism industry that it tried to build off the lie of offering citizenship to Blacks from America. Only choosing 200 handpicked and wealthier Black Americans, then stopping short and only letting 120 that day actually obtain their citizenship.

Screenshot from Google

With the remaining 60 being toyed with for over 2 1/5 years, some have said that they were asked to pay more money. To this day its unknown in the remaining handpicked 60 out of the 200 ever obtained the citizenship they paid for.

Kenya's President William Ruto, has also decided to ignore any murdering of Palestinians to stand blindly side with Israel, the man who couldn't care less about Muslims. He's being sued by Uganda because he refused to allow them to use Kenya to run a pipeline through the country as well as tax issue on their fuel.

Uganda instead went into an agreement with Tanzania for help in building its pipeline.

William Ruto also undercut Uganda, Tanzania and AfCFTA, by signing a very questionable trade agreement with the European Union. An agreement that was being challenged in the East African courts.

Ruto will be sending Kenyans to Israel to work the in labour jobs where Israelis have left for safety.

During Kenya's most recent independence day celebrations, none of the East African leaders attended. William Ruto then put out a bitchy statement proclaiming none of them came because none of them were invited.


Malawi which is suffering from one of the highest unemployment rates, was the first to send citizens to Israel. When it hit the news that Israel was visiting Kenya, it was surely to drum up support, after the meeting a deal was signed to send Kenyans to the waring country.

Soon, possibly very soon Israel will call on Ghana to send their citizens into work in the country. Kenyans will be taxed some over 40% which will go into William Ruto's budget, its unsure how much Israel will take from their wages.

Screenshot from Facebook

As you can see from the above photo, Israel hadn't been engaging Ghana or Ghanians, however its now starting to as the country throws its support behind the genocidal war that is raging in Gaza.

I wonder how the large Lebanese community feels about the silence of the Ghana government and the people of Ghana as a whole. Some have lived in the country for decades, having their children born in Ghana as well.

Screenshot of Ghana Newspaper from Facebook

Muslim leader in Ghana and Kenya have been voicing their concerns over what they call Ethnic Cleansing, through genocide, however they're also being ignored.

South Africa is facing attacks from Israeli leadership for the condemnation of the genocide. Its about time that more people plan trips to South Africa instead of Kenya or Ghana.

Besides crime in Ghana and Kenya are on the rise, with Ghana ignoring the decade long Bawku Civil War within its very own borders, where 200 confirmed and even more un-confirmed have died in the last 2-3 years.

Ghana dropped from the most peaceful country in West Africa, even though Ghanians lie and claimed that the country was the most peaceful country in Africa. I made a list of all the ignored countries in Africa that are amazing travel destinations. Including Sierra Leone, which toppled Ghana as the most peaceful country in West Africa.

Ghana Drops From Most Peaceful West African Country To 4th; Here Are 10 African Countries That Get Ignored Like Sierra Leone Which Overtook Ghana

Thank you for reading 🙏🏽 Please consider buying a coffee for Lacey’s House efforts in Gender Equality & Children’s Rights.

©️TB Obwoge 2024 All Rights Reserved

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I'm the president of a nonprofit. I've lived in 3 countries, I love to travel, take photos and help children and women around the world! One day I pray an end to Child Marriages, Rape and a start to equal Education for ALL children 🙏🏽

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