The trip of my life

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I was thinking about this trip for a long, long time. So many things happened in life, I was never really free to go. As a photographer, videographer, and someone who loves to document life, Morocco was a dream destination for me.

The culture, the people, the food, I couldn't wait to experience that myself, tell my story, document, share it with people.

The moment arrived and I started packing my things, some clothes, just the necessary things, hygiene stuff and that's it. The most important thing for me was my gear, cameras, lenses, batteries. I checked everything, packed the small suitcase, grabbed my backpack with the gear, I was on my way.

I was driving to the airport, but I have no idea how I got to the airport, everything was blurred, I was still careful, but my mind was just to get on that plane. There is no such thing that can be compared to the feeling of travelling, or just starting the journey, mine was about to start.


I was pretty early, I wanted to be there on time, grab a coffee, do a little vlog, take photos of the aeroplanes, talk to other people, make new friends, as I always do, I just love meeting new people. I enjoy the anticipation and waiting to get the boarding pass, get on the plane. Everything went well, my plane was ready, the boarding started, it has begun!

As we took off I could see Sydney, the beauty of that city I live in now, the city that became my new home, besides my home in Sarajevo. My heart was pumping like crazy as the plane accelerated to reach the propper hight, and finally calmness.

I started reading " The Alchemist", my favourite book, I listened to some music, my mind was in another dimension, relaxed, I was exactly where I wanted to be. Floating over the clouds, travelling, being free.

And I started planing and thinking about all the things I wanted to capture with my camera, I kept making notes in case I forget, its Morroco, there are so many things to take a photo of, moments, people, mood, I didn't want to miss out.

There were some babies, toddlers on the plane, as beautiful as they are they can be challenging sometimes, you know how it is, but to me, their smiling and screaming and whatever they do, its a blessing! I took my camera out and started taking photos, I asked the parents and they didn't mind, so I had the green light to let loose, we had a lot of fun!

They even held my camera and took photos of me, priceless!


Well, that was an extraordinary experience for me. Approaching the Casablanca Tit Mellil Airport I looked out of the window, and there it was, my dream destination is about to become reality.

I wasn't watching a movie, I wasn't reading a book, I was there this time. Quickly I packed my things, took my camera out and I was ready to start my journey. We landed, went through the customs, just everything went well, except that I had too much to eat and honestly my stomach wasn't quite happy about it, but except that, I was at the peak of my happiness.


I was really lucky to find this nice cheap hotel near the ocean, the markets, pretty much everything that I wanted to take a photo of was at my fingertips. Amazing restaurants, street artist, people dancing, singing, I was fortunate to bring all my memory cards, there was so much happening.

I sat around with some locals, their English was really good and I listened to them sharing their stories, of course, I was taking photos of them, I couldn't stop, and they didn't mind, win-win. We exchanged our stories, though some of their stories were powerful, they were quite older than me, but some younger locals were translating so it was easier for the elderly guys to tell their story, and I didn't mind listening to the translator. We had so much tee and coffee, and some great local food that I don't know the name, but It was delicious.

These people I've met there were kind, I enjoyed sitting and talking with them, laughing, talking about serious topics, all that was captured with my camera.

I took so many portraits, every each one of them.


At last I've met a great photographer that I knew for two years already, from Instagram, her name was Aisha, and she showed me around the city, the iconic places I had no idea about.

We walked late into the night, took so many photos that at some point I decided to pack my camera away and enjoy sitting next to the ocean, listen to the waves and Aisha talking about her life in Morocco, I just wanted to enjoy the moment.

We went to a local restaurant and had something to eat, exchange our contact information and she helped me find my way back to the hotel, I was already lost in the city, that's how I usually explore places, no navigation allowed. Sometimes it works out good, sometimes I get in trouble, life.


I was sitting outside, on the balcony, staring in the dark, looking at the stars, city lights, I could still hear the city wasn't sleeping, and It wasn't that late, maybe 11 pm, but it was Sunday, I imagined it would be quieter.

I took my laptop out and transferred my photos from that day, so many things happened in just one day, I had so much material I was ready to post content for the next three months, daily!

I loved each one of the photos I took, my memories from Morocco, Casablanca, unbelievable!

I was asleep, but I just couldn't sleep, I was just too excited, happy. Only thing was I missed my little son back In Sydney, no matter how happy I am, being away from him breaks my heart, but I'll see him soon.

I went to bed to get some rest and be ready for tomorrow, I just got a message from Aisha:

'Hi, Ricky! I'll be at the hotel in the morning, don't forget to bring your camera, you gonna love this place I am taking you tomorrow!

Good night, Aisha"


I don't think I even slept a minute, I couldn't wait to see her and see the place where we were supposed to go. Took a shower, got ready, a bit of my Joop, not too much, well, I still wanted to look and smell nice for her, oh, come on, I just wanted to look presentable! :)

I grabbed my camera, my backpack, and I could hear Aisha in front of the hotel beeping and waving at me, standing next to her car, suggesting I should hurry up.

And I was all over the place, I couldn't wait to see and be with her, spend as much as time I could, I didn't wanna waste any time.

A yelled back, Ill be down In a minute! ( with a huge grin on my face ).

As I turned around to leave, with the corner of my eye I saw this aeroplane gliding through the blue sky, and it caught me somehow, I couldn't move. I could hear Aisha's way becoming more distant like she was leaving without me, I suddenly had all those photos in my head, the people I've met, the videos I took, it was fading away...

I still kept looking at the aeroplane.


I never left.

I was in my studio apartment in Bankstown, Sydney, I just came back from work, dead tired, dirty, still with my work clothes on.

When I entered my apartment, as I left my tools in the compartment, thinking about how depressing my job is, the fact that I have to stay home, can't go and something I loved doing, being with my son, taking photos, doing my vlogs, meeting up with friends, and enjoying those simple things.

At that moment I saw an aeroplane flying over, through the only window I have, a very, very small window with the ugliest view ever, I only can see the top of the buildings and top of a tree, but I could see the blue sky, and that was enough for me to wander off in my mind and dream, my soul reminded me, I am always free, things will be good, I will get to where I want to go when the time is right.

We are our prisoners if we let that happen if we put our mind into a lockdown.

I locked at the aeroplane, wished them luck, wherever they were going...

maybe Morocco? :)

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Rijan Hamidovic
Rijan Hamidovic
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