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Start vlogging

by Rijan Hamidovic 9 months ago in how to

How I did It

Start vlogging

My beginning

Well, I have to say starting to vlog has been a journey I planned for a long time. I am still doing my best to keep up a consistent blogging routine, but I have a difficult daily job that I have to deal with, pure labour work, so it's hard sometimes to manage a vlog, but I still do my best, I just love it.

For me to love it now, I had to overcome some fears. Fear of being rejected laughed at, criticized, so many things, things that I usually don't give a single thought about. But, it took me a while to realize that. It's usually something when you love doing, and you want to make the first step, suddenly there are so many obstacles. You find yourself looking for excuses, no propper gear, my looks are not right, I don't have anything to say, who will watch me, and so on.

The truth is, you are just freaked out, and you are trying to avoid it, but you still want and love it, it's just the first step.

So what do you do?

Do a vlog at home, you don't have to publish it, just do it, record yourself, laugh at yourself and see how everything looks like, get into that world. Trust me, you will love it once you do it, it doesn't matter, it's going to suck, but you've done it, great! The next one is going to be bad again, then the third one, and slowly you will get the idea, you will start loving what you do, you'll find yourself enjoying watching that video. That is the first step and the hardest one! As I said, just record the vlog, tell about your day, and that's it, don't think about the gear, the edit, upload, just record it!!!

Next, write your story

My biggest mistake when I started was to think that I have to do Christopher Nolan quality vlog to upload because let's face it, who am I and why should someone watch my videos? Ridiculous.

My life, my day, my moments, all those little moments in life are a story, your story that you can tell. People will find you interesting no matter how much you think you are not in, it's not true, someone out there will love what you do. You will find your way on how to tell your story, you'll be unique no matter what. Write your story on a paper, describe your day, make it a little movie, beginning, middle and end, you know how that goes, same as a book, movie. No matter what you did that day, describe it, make your little movie, with a budget camera, phone, whatever you have available, be honest to your audience and get out there!


Well, not everyone is comfortable to stand in front of the camera, walk around the city, talk to a camera and just ignore everyone.

It takes some time, not too long, but you'll need some days to get comfortable, others will need just 5 minutes, depends. Go somewhere with fewer people, talk and record yourself, go home, see what you can add or change, do it again.

Next time go to a bigger crowd, slowly graduate to where its busy, where you cant avoid being seen, then you'll feel the looks and you'll start building a shield around you.

No one will approach you while you have a camera in front of you, people are just afraid of the camera, sometimes people will jump in front of the camera do silly stuff, that's fun, but usually, people will avoid you completely, which is amazing, you can do your thing in peace.

Someone else's opinion

You know what? It doesn't matter. You will ask your friends for feedback or just to get some sense of security, to lift your self-esteem, which is fine! But, do not let someone else's opinion stop you from doing anything, in this case, vlogging. People will try to do minimize or diminish? your dreams, bring you down just for fun and to see you get upset, do not give a single thought to what they have to say.

It's your life, your passion, it doesn't matter what they say, you will do great! Eliminate anything that is bringing you down, focus on your story, on your little movies, you will get so busy, you will forget about the crap around you.

Where to vlog?

Imagine you are telling your child a story, nephew, anyone, and you take your book and make effort and drive somewhere for hours just to be at a great location to read the book! Well, the kid will love the story regardless, same goes for vlogging.

Oh, another huge obstacle! It just doesn't matter where! Wherever and anywhere you have your vlog ready, get your camera and start talking, it just doesn't matter where people love hearing about you, they don't wanna look at the fancy places or where you are. Don't misunderstand me, if you are in a position to record somewhere, that's great, add some footage of the place you recorded the vlog, show what you think it's beautiful, people like that, but don't let that be a barrier, if you can go out or travel somewhere like we couldn't during COVID 19.

Please, do it now

Life is not waiting, time is going, we are not getting younger, live your life as much as possible you can, do the things you love doing whenever you can.

Grab your phone or anything you have at your disposal. Record yourself talking about this day, what you've done, what happened, what made you happy, sad, talk about anything, and just go through the video, make that first step, start vlogging, if that is something that would make you happy, go for it, don't wait, for nothing and no one.

My experience

I am talking out of my own experience so far, it helped me a lot, and I hope it will help you as well. On my vlog I am sharing my creative path as a photographer, my ups and downs, I make mistakes when I speak, because English is my second language when I edit I laugh at it, and I share that with everyone else If they can laugh too, that'll be awesome!

I started my channel with only my sister following me, then it grew, I'm not famous, an influencer, I just love sharing my experience, would love if I can inspire people, help, share my life's story with the hope someone will find comfort knowing that at some point we all go through some bad times in life, and well overcome it, vlogging is just a way to connect with people, I started it because I felt lonely, and I didn't want to feel like that anymore, it became a big part of my life, my happiness, its something I love doing and I hope this little blog will help you get there too.

Have a good one,


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Rijan Hamidovic
Rijan Hamidovic
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