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The godfather of vlogging

Casey Neistat

When the era of YouTube started, I didn't quite understand it, but I was intrigued by it. In the beginning, as we all know, there were a lot of funny videos, for me, YouTube was a mess, had no idea what to watch and how that would help me, later own the vlogs started, people sharing their life with us, and that was mindblowing to me.

I was a massive fan of vlogs for a long time, sharing stories, interacting with people, just putting myself out there. But honestly, I was never brave enough to do that, to start my channel, share my life story.

Years ago, I started watching videos on youtube, and I tried to find someone who does vlogs the way I would love to do it. I found this fantastic creator on youtube, and his name is Casey Neistat. By now, everyone knows who he is and what he does. With 12.2 Million viewers, subscribers, you can say nothing except that he is truly unique at what he does. Energetic human being, fun, intelligent, kind, help's people as much as he can, family man, an excellent example of how everyone should be.


One thing I love about him is that he doesn't shy away from sharing his experience, he's secrets on how to do what he does so that anyone can try it. You can see more in this video, where he explains how he creates vlogs.

"How to vlog like Casey Neistat" and he does it so well, inspiring everyone to proceed with what they love doing.

When I struggled with my issues, I had no money whatsoever to start my channel, have expensive gear, I had no idea how to start, all those things people go through when starting, and I am guilty of it.

But I kept watching his videos. My self-esteem was much higher than before, and I found the confidence to take that step, to start creating.

He inspired me, the way he talks to his viewers it's just so genuine, it feels personal, friendly, and I believed every word he said, I can do this, I can start creating. People like that are rare, they share their knowledge, help and inspire others, and we should appreciate them as much as we can.

The way he does it

The best thing about Casey Neistat is that he makes vlooging look so easy.

The vlog he does are everything, but not easy to make for sure. It takes a lot of time, planning, writing, moving around, to make that vlog exciting and fun to watch, it's a 24/7 job.

Sometimes he uses a phone to tell his story, anything that he can find at that moment, and old digital camera, iPhone, it doesn't matter, as long as he can tell his story.

And that was the moment for me. I realized I could do that I do not need much, and I can share my life with others. And eventually, I made some money, saved up for a descent camera, and I started my channel.

For example, in this video "A guide to life " he is talking amongst other things, about how you should do your own thing and not follow others, do not do what everyone else is doing. And that changes my perspective entirely because I was lost as a creator and didn't know if my life would be interesting to share, what I have to say, but listening to what he said, it shaped me as a creator and helped with my videos.


A great teacher. Casey Neistat is someone who loves sharing everything with the audience. The most valuable thing of all may be, experience and knowledge, I genuinely love and appreciate that, because not everyone does it, and once you find a person like that, the best thing you can do, absorb as much you can.


He is not just that, he also shares his private moments in life, the good and the bad ones, and sometimes it's helpful because we can connect as an audience. He is not just the fun guy, the successful YouTuber who leads an extraordinary life, gets scared too, goes through life as everyone else. For him to share those moments with us makes us feel that something we are going through in life is familiar, and it will pass, that is priceless.

When he shared his story " Scariest day of my life" about his life in NY during the 9/11, it was touching, horrifying, sad, very personal, and inspiring, because that's what he does, he finds a way to teach you something while you watch the video. Being someone who went through the hell of war, being a refuge, moving from a place to place in life, to find safety, I could connect with what he felt.


To me, he is not just another YouTuber, I've known him for years throughout the videos, know almost everything about his life, learned from him, tried to put into practice what I learned, and somehow you connect like that.

I am happy I found his channel long ago, it helped me become a better creator, artist, also helped me with matters in life, it made some decisions more straightforward.

Who would know? Just a YouTuber, right? Well, Casey Neistat is more than that. I've never met him, probably never will, but I am grateful to God for blessing us with people like him.

An absolute recommendation for a subscription, you will not regret any minute spent watching his videos.

Thank you Casey Neistat, keep doing what you do!

Casey Neistat

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