15 Fun Winter Activities

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Relaxing winter begins now

15 Fun Winter Activities

I know. You thought I was going to tell you to make a snow angel.

We're not there yet, it's actually just straight up COLD where I live, no actual snow on the ground.....not yet anyways.

I know, it's definitely going to snow because I typed that. So, what can you do in your area? Follow me, fam. No literally. Follow me on Instagram: @chelseaswiftblog + @chelsea.swift = and yea, let's to get this winter party started!

I know it's blurry, but winter parties be like that.

Alright, I personally search my area in advance, because a lot of these places you'll have to reserve or buy tickets. First up, Igloo restaurant is a must.

Yasss. If you're looking to take your restaurant experience up, this is it.

That's me making my friends go to these places. Anyways.

A lot of places have outdoor fireplaces with heated lamps, winter decor,and, it's vibes! Check out your new local restaurants for a night out with friends or to put a spin on date night.

Light Shows

So many lights, so little time. It's honestly like seeing your favorite DJ these days. People get into it and I love it.

Even just jumping in the car, getting hot cocoa, playing music, and looking at the lights in your area, is really special to do with your family. Queue me, warming up my Mariah Carey notes.

It even gets you EXCITED for...too early to say Christmas? Well, it does. Something about the lights, definitely makes you excited for the holidays.

Kay. Next up.....Ice: Yes, ice shows.

Not that kind of ice, but since we're here, let's pause for a true story.

I was in NYC with a bunch of my friends, freshman year of college, we were shopping, blah, blah, blah, "scope-sins da scences."

Not a typo, go read it in my voice. Anyways, we walked by Radio City.

And, to our surprise, Xzibit in there (remember pimp my ride guy?) yea, him....queue, gif.

He was was in there, selling CDs, signing them, taking pictures...it looked like this, I'm the guy on the right.

(Yes. CDs, I'm dating myself here) Anyways. We took a picture, let's queue the pic, so everyone believes me...

Yuppp. That's ya obnoxious girl (far right) and I know, my friend is wicked hot, that's why I refused to stand next to her.

I'm just kidding, the both of us dancing in the clubs together, honestly, shut it DOWN freshman year. And, we loved it. Like, bye haters.

The duck face + peace sign combo, I can't. But okay, back to the story. What you can't see in the first picture is just below the crop, at my feet, was Xzibits diamond bracelet. Yup.

Yes. Actual ice. Yes. Real ICE. Not the ice you think you wear everyday. This was rapper ice, next level ice, and that's what reminded me of this randomly true story.

First of all, ice ice baby started playing as I picked it up....

... it was heavy, it was real, and I was blind.

Somehow this diamond bracelet had fallen off his wrist with zero detection.

Which I know, I was thinking that too! Like, what kind of security are you running here?! He's only wearing a million, but, anyways. No one noticed.

So, I did what you wouldn't do. I bent down and picked it up, and I gave it....nope, he was distracted by my super hot supermodel looking friend so, I had to just stand there.

Jesus stood there with me, while I had a straight up ping pong match with the devil.

I'm talking actual minutes went by of just me holding this bracelet that could pay for my college.

What's worse, is, I had to tap HIM, and be like "Hey, it's been like an hour, she's not interested, is this yours?" - which he just looked at me, exactly like you're looking at me right now.

I know. "Who gives a $150,000 bracelet back?!" And, now you're wondering, how do I know that? Because, that's what he said when I handed it to him. Queue, my reaction:

And, the answer is yes, I got roasted by my friends for the rest of the night, I even joined in at one point because it was just valid, like who am I.

So, yea, real ice. I held it for about 3 minutes, and now ice sculptures are the closest thing, I'll ever get to touching real ice again.

Statues, hand crafted igloos, beautiful swans, like people get INTO it at ice shows. I cried once.

I'm kidding, I didn't cry (wipes tears before anyone sees), but they did have a dove sculpture one year that was Sistine chapel level crafting. I'm like, "Is Michael Angelo here or?"

It was an actual show people, and it is amazing to see how talented people are with a chainsaw.

Like, who knew that's what it could be used for? Honestly, I want to know who discovered that, like, "hey I'm just going to chainsaw this ice into turtle doves brb."

Anyways. Try an ice show this year, bring baileys for your hot cocoa, thank me later.

Winery's turn into cozy lounge bars.

Okay, so this was news last year, but, a lot of winery's will decorate and host classes. (Think: paint night/ pasta making class) I was so excited.

I went in one night for a random casual tasting, and they had like an ornament class going on. Right? So, check your area, it's really fun for a girls night out or again, a twist on just "grabbing food" for a date.

Ski Lodge: Taking a trip to the mountain does not require you to be an expert snowboarder or to be "widly" rich.

There are actually so many things to do at the lounge, and depending on the weekend, they even have crafts for kids.

Great family day if you wanted to try a new sport, or if you've never been skiing. But, if you're not into danger- just go hike, people watch, and grab some lunch, the VIEWS are amazing.

You could also go with friends, hang by the fireplace with a drink, while your spouse skis, and, you take Christmas shots? Whatever you prefer, it's always a great time.

Museums: People don't think to "do lunch" or "dates" at a museum, but it's actually really inspiring and surprisingly affordable.

Again, when it's cold, it's tough to find activities, so this is a great "rainy day, it's too cold" activity. Check out your local museums, they usually feature local artists, and you might even find a piece you like for your home.

Indoor Rock Climbing: So fun! This is a great activity to do when you're missing your summer adventures.

I personally love being outside when its nice out, hiking, kayaking, etc. - so in the winter, I have to get creative.

I feel like they have indoor everything now a days too, so just search something you'd want to try, there's: skydiving, golf, race tracks, swimming, it's all there. Speaking of swimming....

Fitness Facility With Outdoor Heated Pool: Okay, before everyone runs away, a lot of the gyms that intimidate you are actually really fun because they have everything! Yaasss.

And, it's NOT expensive. Surprisingly, you can usually try a more "luxurious" gym for free or just purchase a one day pass.

It's like a hobby for me.

Why is this fun? Ah, day in the life of the rich and famous, fam.

Sauna, exercise machines, tracks, pool, hot tub, bar, facials; I even went to one that had Reiki energy healing thing going on, like, open class.

So yea, it's a DAY of just doing your thing.

The next time you want to be active and take it "easy" (I know, forever balancing opposites) try out a new gym and just take your time for once.

Sometimes in life, we rush through work, traffic, workouts, get to gym here, drop kids there, and it's just stressful, so planning a day to just take your time and actually enjoy your health, is surprisingly fun.

Spa: I mean, this obviously goes next but, I feel like people don't know.

Like a reflexology sesh for 30 minutes is like $45 bucks. I know, welcome to living babe. I got you.

In all serious, you might be thinking...."cha-ching, cha-ching." But, these are activities to do instead of going out to eat.

Think about it, it's easily $100 (or more) every time you go out to eat, so save THAT for a few weeks, and you'll be able to check these off this winter.

It's really just about balance. I noticed if I cut "double latte days" (so guilty of that) "my every day favorite salad" (moved it to one day a week) and "friday nights out" (not forever, just for now) - I saved so much within a matter of 2 weeks.

So, let's chat spa.

Spa day could mean a facial or a massage or a pedicure or a fresh blow out, but, it's basically a modern day hospital. It is, it heals your soul. Plus, they always have winter specials so definitely call around and book in advance.

When I think spa day, I just think "self care" or "salon" day and the goal is to just not stress that day. It's relaxing, healthy, and it's truly healing for your mind and body. Next time, just book that massage, boo boo. You deserve it.

Yoga class: Probably the most friendly class to pop into, anywhere in the world.

No for real. It is. Because! (drum rollll for your matching outfit, latest sneakers, matching pants with cute socks and new lashes)

No one cares. Yup. No one cares what you look like, what you weigh or no one wants to hear about your new lulus matching set.

This is not where you go if you're looking to "shine" or "be the best" like, no one cares. See look:

Everyone is there for the same thing: Peace of mind. Which requires them to just concentrate on themselves.

And most importantly, not caring. Like, people show up to not give a fuck. And that's why yoga is vibes for life, as well as, my current obsession.

So, if you're feeling those winter blues creep in, and, you're looking for something new to try, but you're scared, hit up a yoga class....

Even better, hit up a HOT yoga class.

You can literally just lay on your mat if you want to, it's that chill, and, it's THAT relaxing. That's what the winter is all about; rest, relax, and rejuvenate.

Go try it. Thank me later. (whips hair)

Movies: Bundled up on the couch? Hit up a movie! Try a 3D or reclined seating theater- it's just fun to see something new and get inspired.

Also, weed gummies are legal and they make a 3D movie a million times better for my peace and love peeps.

Bowling: So many places have arcades, food, and even wild drinks, like actual scorpion bowls being poured. Yea, you heard right, bowling's like a club for adults now. Music, TVs, strobe lights.

I think the best part is bowling can actually burn cals, so instead of being bored and heading out to eat, because there's "nothing to do in the winter".

Try bowling and just grabbing something there instead.

Host A Game Night: Let the winter games begin. Raise your hand, if you're competitive?

Yup. Same. Hosting a winter game night is fun when you're a winner, pick up a new game (Apples to Apples - is really funny for all ages, I think? Maybe double check that) and just throw out an invite to everyone in your phone book.

Title your text: "Come hibernate at my house" and get the party started.

Musicals + Concerts: The Nutcracker is amazing and musicals are always a MUST in the winter. From Operas to concerts, there's always a variety of themed shows playing around the holidays.

Comedy Club: So, for my next act, find me at....I'm just kidding. Still working on my jokes.

But, comedy clubs, are so fun, great for a date night, or a fun night out with friends. Go laugh, people.

Ice skating:

Both indoor or outdoor, this is another activity that should have been number one, now that I type it.

But, it is a great workout, fun to practice, affordable, and SO fun for all ages.

Start A Christmas Lodge Tradition:

You've heard of Disney, but, have you heard of making your own magic?

This is a great holiday tradition to start as a couple, and continue as you grow a family.

Save a weekend every year, and plan to head up north to a Christmas lodge or Christmas tree house between the holidays. Yes. A Christmas tree house.

It is an actual magical experience. You could even go with a bunch of your friends.

Winter horse back riding. Indoor Christmas activities. Pool. Sauna. Fireplace. Wine. And, most importantly, just spending time with your loved ones, creating memories, and enjoy the beautiful winter season.

Alright lots of choices to get out of the house this winter and go have fun, but, I (mainly) just wanted to throw out the whole local event thing.

There are so many charities, festivals, parties, and events, happening in your area this year!

So, get out there! It's actually really fun to connect, bump into friends, and have a random good time.

Let's stop letting memes tell us it's weird to see people in public, and just say hi to each other again. Have fun, and like, when in doubt, bring baileys and a blanket for the car ride, you'll lighten up.

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