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What it's like: IUCD (Contraceptive Device)

by Cherii C. 17 days ago in health

With IUCD, you don't have to worry about forgetting to take your birth control pills.

What it's like: IUCD (Contraceptive Device)

If you're thinking of getting IUCD (a copper contraceptive device) or soon to be your first time getting it, as someone with an IUCD, I say don't be afraid. We all been there, google for images or even watches videos on how it is inserted. But, watching these makes us, even I, more afraid to get one. The pain is what causes us to step back and re-think a thousand time. Definition of pain differs from one another, some people feel more pain and some people don't. We all experience pain differently.

IUCDs are cheap. Cheaper compared to being on birth control pills. Birth control pills can go anywhere between $20 to $50 per pack based on the brand, which means it sums up to anywhere from $240 to $600 a year. Whereas, IUCD, they range anywhere from $0 to $1,300, depending on your health insurance plan, or the brand of IUCD you're getting or if your insurance doesn't cover it, based on your own gynecologist. I got mine for $60, Mirena brand. On top of that, IUCD does not mess with your hormones.

Before getting an IUCD, your gynecologist will walk you through what may or may not happen after getting an IUCD. Making sure you know exactly what you're getting into and if you're still persistent in getting it, that is, if you're not getting married anytime soon or in a marriage.

If you're planning to get an IUCD, do your research. Make sure you know what are the risk or complication. There's risk of infection or increase in pain or bleeding during period, allergic reaction or even IUCD moving out of its position. Refer to this link to read more

Just like every other birth control method, you can get pregnant while having an IUCD inside you. It is a 0.01% chances of getting pregnant. If you're experiencing any of the risk or suspect to be pregnant, directly consult your gynecologist.

IUCD last typically between 5 years to 10 years. Based on your own gynecologist, they will let you know when to come in and get it check, some are once every 6 months or once a year.

You can return to your daily life right after getting an IUCD. Just expect some spotting or bleeding for a few days with mild cramps, but other than that, there's nothing to worry about. Sometimes, you might notice an unpleasant smell from your discharge, nothing to worry about if it smells copper-y (blood-like smell). If your discharge smells weird, make sure to consult your doctor to prevent the risk of infection.

Take it easy for the first couple of days as your body is still trying to get used to the device. I know some people, I myself included, are worried that I might push the IUCD while I use the bathroom or did something that causes the IUCD to run out of its place. Don't worry about that, it is hooked inside you safely for you to able to do things without the fear of the IUCD dropping out of you. You can always check the strings to make sure that it is in place. If you can't feel the string, don't panic. The string can shivered up and prevent you from checking it, which is why you have to go back and get your IUCD check once every 6 month.

Typically, after getting an IUCD, it will take 3 months to 6 months for your period to go back to a regular flow. So, if you're late, don't worry. Your body is still getting used to the new device. Give it time to get use to it.

It is very important to exercise. Excessive weight gain or weight loss can cause imbalance, which then will affect your period. You can do gym-like workout or intensive HIIT workout. It will not affect your IUCD or cause it to move.

If you're worried about it the first few days, just go for a walk. Better to do something than never even if it's only for 10 minutes.


Worried that your IUCD will be detected as something dangerous when going through the airport check? Don't worry, it is safe and will not be detected.

It is always a great idea to consult your gynecologist before proceeding with the IUCD. Ask all the questions, get to know every single detail. Not only is it a cheaper alternative, but it is also effective. At least with IUCD, you don't have to worry about forgetting to take your birth control pills.

There are many research you can do online before consultation. I'll list a few links below for you to read, as information or as preparation for you.

Don't be afraid. The pain only last for a little while. If you're planning to get an IUCD, relax and don't tense up. You will do great!

Cherii C.
Cherii C.
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