Living In Malaysia

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Having the whole world's food all put together into one country itself.

Living In Malaysia

When someone mentions 'Malaysia', the first thing that will pop into your mind is the Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower, one of the tallest building located in the heart of Malaysia. As a person who's born and raised in Malaysia, I can give you an insight of how living in Malaysia is.

1. The Never Ending Food Selection

We have never ending food choices, ranging from traditional to western to basically any food you're craving for at that moment. When it comes to food, we as a Malaysian have a hard time deciding. Do I want fast food? Or do I want a good ol' bowl of curry noodles? Maybe some coconut rice and fried chicken with a splash of chili paste? It's an endless spiral of non-stop choosing and mind changing over what to eat.

It is like having the whole world's food all put together into one country itself. We do not have specific location to only eat a specific kind of food, the same type of food can be bought in all the shops or restaurant surrounding that one small area.

One of the best parts in Malaysia is that we have a restaurant, which we call it Mamak, that operates 24 hours. If you're hungry at 3am, just head out to your closest Mamak store and you can order almost any food you want from something spicy to savory or even sweet desserts. We have Mamak in almost every corner of shop rows.

2. Vacation Spots

Beaches. We have beach all over Malaysia. And I for one, love the beach and will try to travel to as many beaches as I can. We have Pulau Langkawi, Pulau Pangkor, Pulau Redang, and even more beaches of choices.

But beaches are not only the vacation spot we have! But for this one, I'll only be covering the beach spots, or this post will go on for ages and never end. Wouldn't want to bore you, would I?

Visiting these islands, we have chalets or hotels that located right beside the beach. And you can get affordable prices or budget prices if you plan to stay over a night or two. Most of these beaches are only accessible through a ferry, however, for Pulau Langkawi, you can access with domestic flight (flight price varies according to season) or drive in with the help of a ferry. That means, you can enter for a day and leave on the same day (if you don't miss the last call time).

If you just want to drive to a beach and chill without going through all the hassle of taking a ferry or a flight, there's always Port Dickson which is approx. 1hour 30min drive from the main city (Kuala Lumpur). There's a good number of things you can do at Port Dickson such as visiting historical places or bird watching and even just chilling at the beach watching the sunset.

3. Tourist Attractions

Either living or travelling in Malaysia, there's many tourist spots all over that allows you to spend some time. We have different culture temples or mosque that you can enter and admire the beautiful art, like Batu Caves or Snake Temple.

Not only that, we have highlands, like Cameron Highland or Genting Highland, located on top of mountain, being cold all year-round which has shopping malls or casino, tea plantation and even flower plantation. These Highland are a nice place for you to get out of the city life from time to time without travelling too far on to the countryside while having a breathe of fresh air.

We also have various caves that you can enter or even fireflies watching and many museums for you to visit. There are endless things to do all over Malaysia. Even I myself have yet to visit all the attractions or vacation spot.


Personally, Malaysia is great due to the vast amount of food and attraction, just as every country has their own uniqueness, different from one another. Every country is beautiful in their own way.

So, instead of squeezing everything of Malaysia into one post, I'll dedicate each post to a certain topic every now and then for you to experience some of Malaysia.

Cherii C.
Cherii C.
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