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The Free-Spirited Plight

The allure of confining what should be free..

By The Omnipotent DeityPublished about a year ago 3 min read
The Free-Spirited Plight
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The free-spirited plight

It is known that the human desire to possess what is meant to be free, unbounded, and without disruption. What value is held in pointing at something and saying “mine” such as a child does? Most humans naturally inherit this trait. And it’s ok to be that way, it’s an honest characteristic in a juvenile state. But as we mature, so should that notion of ownership. Something with life that is so cherished should be set free to flourish and reach its apex of potential without being crippled by something as static as want and desire.

So many social constructs we exist in fall victim to this concept because a giant portion of life is spent grappling with time. Because of time, we wish to display value through a means of ownership and possession but yet we always seem to crave the very things that stand beyond our clutches.

The allure of wild animals is just that. They are wild. And free. Unopposed and uninhibited by the toils of man. But the moment that same animal has been captured, domesticate, and tamed, we no longer hold it in the same high regard it once demanded. Take the wild stallion, the bucking bronco, or a beautiful soul unburdened by society. There’s so much thrill within the chase and capture, the pride that comes with such a trophy. But take for a second and consider if the prize ever wanted to be attained.

As I continue this spiritual evolution, I find so many things repulsing when it’s simply humans being human. Our society is very much pro “do what thou wilt” and doesn’t quite fully understand the consequences and repercussions of such actions. A society that still strife over the outcome of slavery only to willingly enslave themselves under more modern chains.

I too suffer from this affliction as I will catch a fleeting moment of beauty. Whether it may be a person, place, or thing, I’ll want to own a piece of it if only just to cherish it. But I understand that disrupting its current essence means destroying the very beauty that initially captivated me.

I too can find myself consume with the things that tend to keep me tethered to this hopeless reality. Lust, money, pursuit of the American dream. On one hand, I so badly wish to be rid of these desires and free from the turmoil that come with each pursuit.

I wish to live a life free of expectation and of obligation. To begin each day anew and refreshed and able to dream as freely as my whole mind can perform. Free from the harmful energies of others, and away from the oppression of societal demands. Be surrounded by an abundance of opportunity with the desire only to live and be present. I can envision a cabin by a stream in a valley with a mountain range not too far off into the distance. Able to consume the sounds of nature, the smells, and feel the earth between my fingers and beneath my soles. To be completely surrounded yet be in complete solitude with all of the elemental forces that have existed long before me and will continue to do so long after. To form a connection that enables me to feel as one with the environment can absolutely be achieved. Nirvana is attainable because it is my nirvana. My ideal reality that brings me to absolute peace and wholeness thus allowing me to be truly free.

I truly wish and work diligently to manifest a reality for myself where I am abundantly surrounded by beauty and can observe it without ownership yet consume as much as my soul desires.

The saying, nothing last forever, remains true only because the human psyche is not wholly equipped to appreciate what is meant to be fleeting without understanding it can’t be contained and still preserve its allure.


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  • 🖤Beedabean🖤about a year ago

    I absolutely agree and love the way you think!

The Omnipotent DeityWritten by The Omnipotent Deity

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