Femininity in the workplace

by Destiny Smalls 4 months ago in career

Femininity Series Pt. 5

Femininity in the workplace

As a working woman, it is really hard to be feminine and soft at your place of employment. It some times feel like you have to take on very masculine energy just to keep up and stand in your place.

While it is extremely difficult, it is not impossible. As always, I am here to give you a few tips on how to keep that feminine aura going even on the job. I hope this helps you continue your feminine journey and keeps you on track even on your job.

Trying to always smell good: You can wear your signature scent to work, just don' t overdo it and spray it too much. A subtle scent that only lingers for a little while is perfect. Figure out your signature scent and use it in your everyday life.

Maintaining good hair care: I always say, wear your it how you like it. But make sure it is done nicely. No hair out of place, no flyaways. If you need to keep it pinned down. Also, make sure your hairstyle and hair color fits your work environment. Wear your hair any way you want to just do not be outlandish, the goal is to be soft and womanly, not over the top and outrageous. Also, watch your hair regularly!

Pay attention to how you dress: Especially if you work in an office, this is extremely important. Make sure your clothes are fitted. Not too tight, no undergarments showing, and nothing hanging off your body. We are all going to have the occasional fashion faux-pa and things will slip out of place, but make sure it is easily fixable. Stick to your companies dress code policy.

Makeup: Be as minimal as possible. You do not need to be over dramatic and pair that with big eyelashes. Less is more when it comes to makeup. You do not need to cake it all on for work, it is a place of business, not the club. You do not have to be completely modest but make sure to matches your environment.

Wearing the correct shoes: Comfort over style is the goal when working. You can wear some comfortable flat shoes that work well with your outfit and your personal style. I am not saying that you should never wear heels, you can wear them just not every day and not all day. You are going to be on your feet all day, wearing something that will not have your feet hurting at the end of your workday. Try looking up some cute flats and purchasing them.

Jewelry: You do not need big dangly jewelry or a lot of bracelets. Some nice stud earrings or small hoops, a nice necklace, a ring or a watch and ONE bracelet is all you need. You do not need to pile things on. I will say it again, it is a work environment, not the club. In all things, less is more.

Your attitude: No nasty attitudes in the workplace. You can get your point across without being sassy and rude. Standing in what you believe in is a great strategy in the work environment. But having the attitude of arrogance and anger will not take you very far. If you feel like you are getting out of your space, you can take a moment and gather yourself. Doing things the right way with the right attitude, it can be the greatest thing in your career.

Being a professional working woman is an amazing thing. You can also be feminine in the workplace. Do not let anyone or anything take you away from your feminine journey.

Destiny Smalls
Destiny Smalls
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