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I Don't Need To Wear Make-up Everyday, Just Because I Am A Woman.

It Is Mostly Men Who Notice It.

By Carol TownendPublished about a month ago 3 min read
I Don't Need To Wear Make-up Everyday, Just Because I Am A Woman.
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I enjoy wearing make-up.

I make it a part of my self-care routine, somedays but not everyday.

I can sit at my makeshift dressing table for a good hour playing with the colours, which I usually do when I go out with family or friends.

I often reserve make-up for self-care routines on special occasions or for days when I want to add some extra feel-good time to my routine.

I don't wear it every day because I have days when I want to look natural and uncover my real skin.

Wearing makeup daily can sometimes trigger a flare-up of spots, and cause my skin to become oily or dry.

I like to look after my skin, and I have days when I go without makeup to help my skin breathe and absorb my other skin care products.

I also like my face when I am not wearing makeup.

I like to see myself and not just the artificial colours that make-up can add to my skin.

I am not trying to pull men apart in this article, and I want to make it clear that some men have commented that I look beautiful without makeup, too.

However, I do get asked why I don't wear makeup every day by some men who notice when I am not wearing it, and those men are often offended to see a woman not wearing makeup or smart clothes.

I even had one man try telling me that,

"Women aren't meant to wear trousers."

The question is, why?

Why does it seem offensive to some men that a woman can feel pretty without having to wear makeup or a skirt?

Some women are not just there to be picked up for dating. We are human not products to be bought from a shop, and some women can look good without makeup or skirts!

How would you feel if I were to ask you why your hair isn't styled, or why you're not wearing the latest design?

If I told you that men should not be allowed to wear shorts, wouldn't you feel offended?

My man doesn't use aftershave every day; some days, he doesn't even brush his hair, but I don't feel the need to question him about it because I take people as they are.

The point is while these things are a part of one person's routine, some people don't enjoy wearing or using certain products, and others like to wear them but not every day.

Using certain products and wearing certain items of fashion comes down to personal choice. It is not a rule in society that we have to conform to looking a certain way every day to be accepted.

For example, the date you met in the bar may be wearing a sexy dress or suit, smelling nice with aftershave or perfume, and looking really good in their makeup.

You might decide to date them for a while. After a while, you may decide that you want a serious relationship, but you might find that some days they might not dress so smart, smell of aftershave or perfume, brush their hair, or do their makeup in the same way they did when you first met.

What are you going to do? Split with them, because they don't conform to your rules or look the same every day?

It's the same with friends.

Your friends may smell or look nice on a night out, no matter whether they are male or female. However, they may not look or smell the same every day.

Are you going to fall out with them, just because they refuse to dress or smell the way you want them to?

We live in an ever-changing world. A world where people want to be left to be themselves.

It doesn't matter whether we are male or female, and dating or not.

We all have the right to be who we are, dress how we want to and look the way we want.

If you only go by looks and clothing, you could be missing out on a good thing, especially if you both get on well, so please stop judging people by what they wear or look like, and look for the deeper meaning in friendship and love instead.

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  • Mika Okaabout a month ago

    People have their own preferences. Like you've said it's our right. But people just love to comment or make judgement about others.

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