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It's Okay to Be Feminine

by Destiny Smalls 3 years ago in feminism

Be as Ladylike as You Want

It's Okay to Be Feminine

Being feminine is something of a lost art, a lost form of being a woman and being wholesome. A lost form of being shy and using your feminine side to navigate this world.

You hold your head up high and talk with eloquence and great intellect, you take care of your household, your family, and the man in your life. You dress nice and take time to make sure you take care of yourself. Also, a part of being feminine is being soft, gentle, and showing a little bit of emotion and shyness from time to time.

But in 2018, women have forgotten this art of how to be kind and gentle and warm. We just want to be as rough and as tough as the boys and are more worried about becoming the man in the relationship and taking control of it all. I am here to tell you that it's okay to be feminine in this day and age. You can wear dresses and heels and pearls and make-up. It's okay to take care of your home and husband. It is also okay to not want to "crush the glass ceiling" like the rest of the women of the world and believe in gender roles. We do not all have to be feminist, especially if you don't want to be, I know I really don't want to be in all forms of the word.

For some reason being feminine is something that has been looked down upon in recent years like some kind of disease and it causes non-feminists to try and cloak themselves as something they are not. But many people do not realize that being feminine and dainty has a certain magic and finesse to it and holds so much power. It can make people swoon, actually get you what you want without lifting a finger, and you don't have to keep trying to intimidate a man.

And I am just going to say it, not all things are meant to be equal—that is not how the world should be because everyone has their place. Now, I am not saying that people should not want to have equal pay or not have an equal workplace—that is what everyone wants and it is completely warranted. I just mean household activities like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and taking care of certain things and people. That falls under gender roles and a lot of feminine women, not all but some like me, still believe in that.

Also, why do people call women who are more lady-like than others and are more gentle and soft the "1950s wife?" Like, what is wrong with that and when did being that type of women have a time period on it? Being lady-like should always be in style, no matter what generation it is. So should being and acting like a gentleman and being chivalrous and I WILL be writing about that next.

On that note, be feminine and soft because it is okay and don't let anyone one tell you otherwise. Wear all the pink and the heels and keep your hair and nails done and be shy and gentle, be all that and more—because that works for you and it makes you special and unique and helps you stand out from today's everyday woman. The moral of the story is be you at all times, no matter what is going on in the world.

Destiny Smalls
Destiny Smalls
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Destiny Smalls
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