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Deadliest Female Assassins in World History

by Kelsey Lange 5 years ago in history
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The deadliest female assassins teach us that women, too, can be some of the most horrific, terrifying, and evil people in world history.

The most horrific, disgusting, terrifying, and evil women in world history. As hard as it is to wrap your head around, these female assassins' stories are very real and very appalling to learn.

Ranging from serial killers to simply an aid to thousands of killings, these women are all creatures of evil, and will forever send chills down the spines of the sane.

Belle Sorenson Gunness

To begin our list of the deadliest female assassins in history, the serial killer Belle Sorenson Gunness is one of the most murderous women to ever live. Between 1884 and 1908, she killed more than 40 people. As one of America's most prolific killers, it is believed that her first murders were two young children who she poisoned in return for insurance money.

If this wasn't enough to chill your bones, the next several deaths included her husband's infant daughter, her own husband, and her adopted daughter. Most of the extent of her murders were of babies, as 21 children went missing from her care in Chicago.

Her second husband was also killed in a meat grinder accident, as they say. And the way that she lured men into her kill spells were by personal ads, where she stated that she was a wealthy widow looking for a soulmate.

Police found body parts buried on her property, as well as corpses in her basement. And the worst discovered lied in her hog pen, where 11 dead bodies were recovered.

However, one of the most insane facts about Belle Sorenson Gunness is that it's believed that she faked her own death, and placed an entirely different body in her grave.

Charlene Gallego

Charlene Gallego was the sidekick to her serial killing husband, Gerald Gallego. The duo is responsible for terrorizing Sacramento, California for years, between 1978 and 1980.

They killed a total of 10 victims together, and it didn't just stop at that. Each of their victims were kept as sex slaves, as well as tortured before being brutally murdered. This included shooting their victims execution-style at a point-blank range.

It has been said that Charlene came from a supportive home, and she was a bright and shy child. However, her horrific change is attested to drugs and alcohol.

Mata Hari

Next on our list of the deadliest female assassins is Mata Hari, a very interesting woman of her time, even aside from the killings. Hari was a very beautiful exotic Dutch dancer, but also a spy. She traveled across Europe to deliver allied military secrets to the Germans.

This caused deaths of up to 50,000 people, without her lifting a finger. She first joined German's forces in 1914. She used seduction to aid in her job, and it was successful.

Her stage name was Mata Hari but her given name was Margaretha Geetruida MacLeod. However, she was convicted of being a World War I spy and was executed by firing squad.

Anna Marie Hahn

Anna Marie Hahn, known as a "Arsenic Anna" was one of the deadliest female assassins in world history. The American serial killer was the first woman to be given the death penalty in Ohio.

Hahn's story begins in Cincinnati, as her, her husband, and young son restart their lives in the city after being married in Germany for five years. There, she took interest in the elderly men of the city, caring for them, despite her lack of training as a nurse.

However, each of these men began to pass away; and ultimately, it was discovered that Hahn was the reason behind these deaths. She poised these elderly community members as a way to receive their money. She was then executed in 1937.

Maria Swanenburg

Maria Swanenburg was a famous female serial killer from the 1800s. Her murder count is suspected to be over 90 people, some including her family members.

The Dutch serial killer was found to have poisoned over 100 people with arsenic. Twenty-seven of those people were confirmed killed by her hand, while the investigation suspected up to 90 victims, but was unfortunately unable to be confirmed.

One of the most shocking was her first murder, which was her own mother, and this occurred in 1880. Besides her killings, the woman is unknown for most.

She was finally caught in 1883 after attempting to poison the family she was working with. She was, of course, sentenced to prison for the rest of her life.

Elizabeth Bathory

Next on our list of the deadliest female assassins is Elizabeth Bathory. Bathory was known as "The Blood Countess" as she allegedly enjoyed bathing in the blood of her victims.

Each of The Blood Countess' victims were young females and it is suspected that she murdered only the prettiest girls to her, and lured them to her dungeons by promising them that she would find work for them in her castle.

It is said that she had killed hundreds of young women, and is a tale that many tell as a very real horror story.

Darya Saltykova

Living from 1730 to 1801, Darya Saltykova was a Russian serial killer who killed over 100 serfs. A serf is a laborer who is bound under the feudal system to work.

Most of her victims were women, similar to Elizabeth Bathory. She also tortured and beat her victims to death. A sadistic killer, it has been said that she was suspicious of 138 deaths, but was found guilty of 38.

After being discovered, she was chained on a platform with her crime chained around her neck in 1768 and spent the rest of her life in prison.

Leonarda Cianciulli

Leonarda Cianciulli is definitely one of the most disturbing women on the list, and arguably one of the most disgusting serial killers in world history. Let's just get straight to the point, Cianciulli was a serial killer who made soap and cake out of her victim's bodies.

Between 1939 and 1940 in Correggio, she murdered three women. Each of these victim's bodies were turned into soap and a sort of teacake.

She then went on to gift the bars of soap to her friends. Her motives behind killing these women were pure superstition.

She thought that if she sacrificed their bodies and souls then this would somehow protect her surviving children from death, as she was reportedly pregnant 17 times, 13 of the children dying.

Jane Toppan

Jane Toppan had 31 victims who were all ill or infirm. As one of the most evil female assassins, Toppan prayed on her patients as a nurse. It is believed that her killings are attested to her terrible childhood, but there is truly no excuse for killing the vulnerable with power.

Toppan's nickname was ironically "Jolly Jane," but after being arrested in 1901, she confessed to murdering 31 of her clients. Her motive? To kill the most helpless people than any other man or woman.

Dagmar Overbye

Last on our list of the deadliest female assassins is Dagmar Overbye. She was a Danish serial killer who murdered innocent children, suspected up to 25 of them. One of the children she murdered was her own.

She was a child caretaker professionally and cared for babies who were born outside of marriage. She strangled them, as well as used the tactics of drowning and burning them to death.

She would then hide the children's corpses by burying, hiding them in a loft, or even cremating. During a seven-year period, these murders took place between 1913 and 1920.

She was sentenced to death in 1921, and was one of three women who received this sentence in the 20th century in Denmark. However, the sentence was reprieved, as she later spent the rest of her life in prison.


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