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A Woman is a Woman…

Does It Matter…

By #KristinaWritesPublished 28 days ago 3 min read
Thank You: Jairo Alzate

Being a woman is not all about dresses, dolls, and hair bows. There are so many different classifications of women in this day and age; it is no longer about femininity whatsoever. Hell, it is no longer about gender identification either. Just because a woman was ‘assigned female’ at birth does not mean that is the body she will be growing into. It is a tangled web we all weave.

As an adult female I do not wear dresses, makeup, or go over the top with all of the frilly foo-foo female expectations. And believe it or not, I am doing well. Being completely open to the idea of every aspect of womanhood I believe helps this every step of the way. I can still rub shoulders with the most feminine women as well as the least. My judgement upon any is mute, which I wish true was in many others.

When will women in general realize it is okay to remove the blinders and accept everyone, for themselves? Including themselves. I realize there are groups with acronyms that I still do not understand that represent practically every walk of life. There is an acronym for every gender and every gender identity. I wish there was an acronym for acceptance as well.

I have personally witnessed both sides of the pendulum where gender identity is concerned. A good friend of mine has completed the transition from physically male gender to female gender, another from female to male, and I have several in transition as I am typing this. And you want to know what; I love each one of them. I do not love them for what is or is not between their legs or protruding from their chest. I love them because they are genuine human beings, and they deserve love above all else.

Thank You: Janosch Lino

There is a realization that many consider masculinity to be toxic. But it really is not. It is a way people identify with themselves, and we all need to respect that as we respect any other gender recognition. Masculinity as well as femininity go far beyond clothing or haircuts. There are of course gender expectations that are difficult to get passed; however, it is not impossible. It just needs to continue to be reminded that it is not physical looks that matter, but the identity of that person.

There is a saying that loosely references the ‘web we weave, when we attempt to deceive’. Many individuals consider a person who alters their identity to be deceptive, or a blatant liar. This is so far from the truth. Women should not have to continue to walk on a tightrope. If they are genetically born, modified, or have their gender entirely reassigned; if they consider themselves a woman, then they are.

Bottom line is this; I do not give two hoots what is between your legs or hanging from your chest; a good person is a good person. I personally work on growing my female friend group to have someone to talk to, chat with, laugh with, and share a glass of wine with. Why do I care how you use the restroom, I don’t, and you should not either. The descriptions and titles need to be removed because they are causing more issues than are needed.

I have spent nearly 50 years in this world and can identify with many different individuals despite their gender identification. There is no concern to me as to who they sleep with, how they dress, or how they may act or react to a situation. It allows my day to day living to be much calmer. Imagine what it could do to you when you stop concerning yourself with what is between someone’s legs!

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  • Novel Allen24 days ago

    I must admit, some of these roles are a bit confusing, but acceptance is hard sometimes. Some people get it immediately, some will take time to adjust. New concepts have always been a fight for acceptance. Patience and information is key.

  • Leslie Writes26 days ago

    Yes! Well said! Respect people’s identities as they define them. It is not for us to put people into a box.

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