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10 Companies That Donate to Planned Parenthood

If you want to support women's rights when you're shopping, you might want to check out these cool companies that donate to Planned Parenthood.

By Sasha KonikovoPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Ladies and gents, women's right are under attack. People are scared, and nowhere is this clearer than when you take a look at the way that officials are trying to reduce the funding that Planned Parenthood receives. (The fact that people are wondering if the government should fund Planned Parenthood is scary, isn't it?)

Planned Parenthood is known for performing abortions, but also happens to offer life-saving medical care for men and women from all walks of life. Despite the life-saving options it offers up, the government is ignoring women's cries for help in saving this priceless company.

With many branches being shuttered due to evil laws enacted by anti-choice groups, it's not surprising that many people are beginning to get angry. Many of those people are CEOs of companies—and they're fighting back the best way they know how.

If you want to help support Planned Parenthood's fight for women's healthcare, you have a lot of ways to do it. You can petition. You can donate directly to them. You can even shop through companies that donate to Planned Parenthood to do so.

Not sure where to begin? Check out these awesome companies that you can buy from as a way to support everyone's favorite women's healthcare center.

(Note: For the sake of this list, we are including companies that match employee contributions as well as companies that might donate to pro-life charities alongside Planned Parenthood. Every penny counts!)

It's true! Amazon is one of the biggest companies that donate to Planned Parenthood—but there's a catch. To actually have your donations reach Planned Parenthood, you'll have to shop through Amazon Smile and choose Planned Parenthood as the charity of your choice.

The ramifications of this are huge. That means all the most wished-for gadgets on Amazon could also be helping you support Planned Parenthood. The shopping urge is real, right?

Though they did have a moment where they withdrew funding to Planned Parenthood, the world's most famous breast cancer organization has started to donate once more. In 2017, Susan G. Komen donated over $450,000 to 11 Planned Parenthood chapters in need.

If you're looking to make a difference, one of the most widespread organizations to partner with different companies is Susan G. Komen. Just look for the pink hued items, and you'll be able to help out. Admittedly, this is one of the dicier companies that donate to Planned Parenthood, but every bit helps.

You might know Bath and Body Works as the home of that infamously 90s Cucumber-Melon perfume, but did you know that this mall-bound juggernaut also happens to be one of many companies that donate to Planned Parenthood?

It's true. This company has been quietly donating to Planned Parenthood for years, even after getting flak for it. Foam bath, anyone?

Surprised to see a drug company on here? We are too, to be honest. However, it's undeniable that Pfizer is one of the bigger companies that donate to Planned Parenthood on a regular basis.

Along with matching gifts to Planned Parenthood, the company also famously donated to the Center for Reproductive Rights, League of Latin American Citizens, and the Human Rights Campaign. Overall, they got a great track record!

Unilever is currently one of the largest mega-corporations in the world, and thankfully, they're one of the many companies that donate to Planned Parenthood.

A very pro-choice and progressive corporation, Unilever has been put on the record to donating or partnering with a number of other pro-choice groups as well. These groups include Population Services International, Girls Inc, and the Center for Reproductive Rights.

The sheer number of brands that Unilever carries makes them a big player in the game. These brands include Knorr, Axe Body Spray, Hellman's, Lipton, and Bed Head—just to name a handful of the hundreds they support.

Nike's one of those companies that has a serious commitment to helping people feel their best, and that apparently includes things like reproductive rights. If you're a fan of athletic apparel, you'll be happy to know that this company regularly cuts checks for Planned Parenthood.

Nike matches their employees' contributions to this organization regularly. How much money they raise, though, hasn't been disclosed. Either way, we're happy to see they're leading the pack in progress.

New Jersey-based Johnson & Johnson is known for a wide variety of different products, including baby shampoo, baby powder, bandages, and more. Surprise! The family product mega-corporation also happens to be one of the largest companies that donate to Planned Parenthood.

Along with PP, Johnson & Johnson also donates to March of Dimes, Women Deliver, and Susan G. Komen... who also donates that cash to Planned Parenthood.

Unilever's delicious ice cream subsidiary, Ben & Jerry's, also happens to take a stand for women's rights. Along with having their parent company contribute to the organization, Ben & Jerry's also doubles down by directly donating to Planned Parenthood themselves.

You have to hand it to this corporation, they make supporting women's rights a totally sweet deal.

Say what you will about their sucky coffee, it's clear that the folks at Starbucks have their hearts in the right place. The coffee company donates to Girls Inc, and also matches employee contributions to Planned Parenthood.

Along with women's rights, the company has recently stepped up their civil rights support by donating to National Urban League. Overall, we really can't roast them too much.

The Shrill Society is a woman-owned company that offers up feminist gifts that support Planned Parenthood. That's their entire deal, and that makes them one of the very few companies that donate to Planned Parenthood as part of their business plan.

To date, they've donated over $136,000 to Planned Parenthood. That's impressive.


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