Sasha Konikovo

Born in the Ukraine and currently a citizen of New York City, Sasha Konikovo has become obsessed with makeup, fashion, and anything that keeps her svelte figure looking sharp. She hopes to marry a billionaire and have a lifestyle like Paris Hilton soon enough.

Best Restaurant Cookbooks of All Time
3 days ago
If there's one thing I love, it's dining out. I love being able to sit down at restaurants, get waited on, hear about new wine pairings for the food, and have an entire menu just ready at my fingertip...
Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything
5 days ago
Okay, I'll come out and say the thing that everyone knows to be true: Buying wedding gifts sucks. It always involves the same damned thing: cutting boards, overpriced glasses, stupid picture frames, a...
10 Almost-Black Lipsticks That Look Amazingly Good
7 days ago
Call me a little weird, or call me a bit too daring, but I'm very partial to dark lipstick shades. My purse is filled to the brim with a slew of almost-black lipsticks that I wear on a near-daily basi...
10 Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Younger
12 days ago
People never seem to worry about aging until they notice that first wrinkle—and then, if you're like me, it turns into a total freakout. If you just saw your first grey hair, I totally understand why ...
I Tried the HOBOT Window Cleaning Robot and I'll Never Use Windex Again
12 days ago
When I signed up for a year of renting a high rise apartment, there were certain things I expected to happen. For example, I expected to be able to point out my building to others from miles away. I e...
13 Ways I Cleaned Up My Life for the New Year
14 days ago
I remember when I realized that something in my life had to change. I had woken up in my room surrounded by chocolate wrappers, an empty tub of ice cream, and a pile of tissues in the bin. My phone wa...