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NFL Power Rankings Week 9


By Niko BanksPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 4 min read

10. Dolphins (6-3)

The Dolphins had a really disappointing game against the Chiefs. Tyreek talked a lot of crap, and the Dolphins couldn't back any of it up. The Dolphins showed they were resilient in the second half but didn't finish the job. Right now, it looks like the Dolphins don't have that dawg in them. They have lost all their biggest games and aren't physical enough. I'm downgrading the Dolphins until they prove they can win a big game against one of the top teams in the NFL.

9. Cowboys (5-3)

The Cowboys played a tremendous game against the Eagles. Yes, the Cowboys lost, but they showed how high a level they can play at. Dak had the best game of his career. In the big moment, he didn't shrink, and he balled without any turnovers. It's the defense who didn't do their job. The Cowboys' defense is supposed to be elite, so they should be able to disrupt even the elite teams, especially when their QB is playing that well. It's clear that the Cowboys will have something to say about who gets out of the NFC. However, they still lost badly to the 49ers, and until they differentiate themselves, the 49ers will get the nod in the power rankings when the two teams have virtually the same record.

8. 49ers (5-3)

The 49ers were on a bye, but they did add Chase Young. They are at the top of the division, and they have made the defense even deadlier. Now that the 49ers have had time to rest and correct their mistakes, they will come out of the bye-swinging, and I expect a few knockouts.

7. Bengals( 5-3)

The Bengals have experienced a resurgence now that Burrow is healthy. They are still dealing with troubling injury concerns now that Chase has a hurt back, but they have looked like a top team in the AFC their last few games. While it's nice that they have returned to form, they still lost to the Browns, and that still counts, which is why they are ranked below them for now.

6. Browns (5-3)

The Browns have remained in the hunt despite their injuries. Now they have gotten Watson back, and he appears to be close to 100 percent. The Browns are right there in the race for the division, and they are in an excellent position for playoffs as well. They have an offense led by star QB Watson and a fierce defense good enough to win games if they have to. Everything the Browns want is right in front of them.

5. Jaguars (6-2)

Jaguars haven't played, so their ranking is reactionary. They still have a top 5 record. I think they have been healthier and more complete than the Browns, but they lost to the Chiefs.

4. Chiefs (7-2)

The Chiefs beat the Dolphins and sent them from 2 to 10 in the rankings. Still, it's not enough to get them back on top. They have fallen behind in the standings after the Broncos loss. When making the power rankings, I consider record, head-to-head, and then the strength of schedule. The Chiefs have fallen behind the teams ahead of them in all three categories. Plus, the offense is still struggling. Mahomes and the offense couldn't score at all in the second half. Luckily, the defense is so good that they were able to protect the lead and even score a TD, but if the offense doesn't get better, the Chiefs will be in trouble.

3. Lions (6-2)

The Lions are ahead of a 7-2 Chiefs team because they could have seven wins if they had played the same amount of games. Plus, the Lions own the head-to-head. However, The Lion's worst loss is to the number two team in the NFL. The Lions are still one of the best teams in the NFL.

2. Ravens (7-2)

The Ravens are as high up on the list as I can get them until they catch up with the Eagles' record. The Ravens have been playing lights-out defense all year. They have allowed a maximum of 24 points and a minimum of 3 points to their opponents, and the offense is humming. Lamar hasn't even had to flex his full power yet, and The Ravens have been able to win. This looks like a recipe for success. Hopefully, Lamar won't injure himself trying to do much and can peak in the playoffs rather than the regular season.

1. Eagles (8-1)

The Eagles are obviously the best team in the league. They have won the most games and lost the least. The secondary is still a concern, but it's starting to look like last year, when the Eagles locked in and beat 14 of their 17 opponents, and the Eagles could do the same or more this year.


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