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SKYLERIZED 4 days ago
Delaware: The Rodney Dangerfield of States
On a date that occurred over 231 years ago today (December 7, 1787), Delaware (my birth state) came into being. Because of figures like George Reed, Gunning Bedford, Jr., John Dickinson, and Richard B...
Edward Anderson4 days ago
Lake Murder
"Families are great murderers of the creative impulse, particularly husbands," Brenda Ueland once said. It is also what Dateline and the ID Network have built their brands on as of late. Each story sh...
Linda Fitch4 days ago
Drug Addiction and Decriminalization
How Rehabilitation Is More Beneficial to Drug Addicts Than Incarceration
Skunk Uzeki5 days ago
10 Shocking Stories of Cults That Committed Crimes
Cults have a knack for making people do things they never thought they would do. There have been many people who, after joining a "new religion," have signed away their entire life savings to the cult...
Matthew Kresal5 days ago
Revisiting 'Washington: Behind Closed Doors'
Before House of Cards, before The West Wing, there was Washington: Behind Closed Doors. Broadcast in six parts on the ABC network in 1977, it followed hot on the heels of its source novel, former Nixo...
10 Must Read Books About the War in Afghanistan
We’ve been at war for well over a decade now. Even though the conflicts have settled down, there are still men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq serving their country with honor. The Middle East is st...