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Social Media and Stalkers
No one sets out to have a stalker and typically no one identifies that they have acquired a stalker right off. Sometimes the stalker makes it impossible to see the "signs" that they are stalking you.
Matt Pike2 days ago
Snide and Prejudiced: A UKIP Love Story
Who would be the leader of UKIP? If it was a choice between that, and dunking your love spuds into a bucket of chum and then dangling them into a shark-infested tank whilst loudly critiquing the Jaws ...
Anna Bloom2 days ago
Muddling Through the Web of Justice
I do not remember a time during my childhood when I was not abused. I do not remember a time when I was not plagued with a burden no child should face. Now, after years of therapy, I am free from the ...
Jonathan Sim2 days ago
The Year in Review: Assessing President Trump's First Year in Office
Today is January 20th, and that means that Donald Trump has been in office for a year. Yes, we're still alive. No, none of us thought that he would still be in office at this point. And yes, he should...
Emily Anhalt2 days ago
5 Best Fictional Crime Novels
As an avid fan of true crime novels, I am always on the lookout for fiction books that are just as intense. These are the top five that I have read in 2017. No specific order, but I highly recommend e...
Peter Rose2 days ago
Personal Responsibility and the Law
I read in the press of so many situations where a person claims they were drunk and so could not have given consent to a subsequent act. If the media is to be believed, and this is increasingly unlike...