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ADAN3 days ago
Memoirs of a Lost Boy (Pt. 1)
Hundreds of people are displaced in the Ogaden, the eastern region of Ethiopia, every month; it is one of the largest sources of refugees worldwide. They flee from violence and persecution at the hand...
Trevor Wells3 days ago
Lifetime Review: 'My Stepfather's Secret'
It was nine years ago that Bailey Kershaw's (Paris Smith) life was shattered by the unexplained murder of her father Frank (Kevin Sizemore). Now having just completed her freshman year of college, Bai...
A L Hammon3 days ago
Why We Celebrate Pride
Pride is not a celebration of our sexual liberation, but it’s a commemoration of those who came before us, starting with those who survived the Stonewall Riots in 1969. The riots began when police rai...
The 25th Amendment
The 25th Amendment delves into what is to be done if a sitting President dies while in office. The Amendment takes into account what happens to a President if necessary, whether found in the circumsta...
Kofo Ajala4 days ago
2 Years From Grenfell
Friday June 14, 2019. Two years since the horrific wildfire tragedy of Grenfell tower—a time for reflection has never been more haunting on the brain. Upon such reflection I’ve found myself trying to ...
M.K Girvan4 days ago
The Brexit Betrayal
How the various countries of the UK are being betrayed on differentiating aspects of Brexit; with alternative as to how these could be sought to a resolution.