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Celeste Jackson2 days ago
10 Crazy Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe
Alright people, it's time to pop on your handy tinfoil caps and get properly woke, below are ten of the world's most popular (and strangest) conspiracy theories to date.
Sam Ketch2 days ago
Opinion: A Merkel-Less Germany Would Ruin Europe
As the news comes that Angela Merkel, German Chancellor for the last 12 years, cannot reach a coalition agreement, the problems it may cause are raised around the world. To understand this, it has to ...
Tabitha Reno2 days ago
Charles 'Mass Murderer' Manson Dies at 83
Charles Milles Maddox, otherwise known as Charles Manson, is the wild-eyed man known for leading the Manson Family cult. Manson was deemed responsible for committing the infamous, disturbing murders o...
Tom Chapman2 days ago
'Beauty And The Beast's' Dan Stevens Spot On With Donald Trump Comparison!
They say that life imitates art, and in turn #Disney imitates life. Angry villagers, long unmanageable hair, and a house full of women that are objects — anyone would be forgiven for thinking that the...
Lady Gives Birth to Cat
Inspired by a conversation heard on BBC Radio Leicester, in which presenter Jo Whiley talked to her guest, a professor at DeMontfort University in Leicester, about verification of stories by journalis...
Georgie Cox2 days ago
The Apple Tree
My Dear Mahnaz, There are two types of fire in this world, azizam. The first is a calm, tender fire, one whose gentle heat warms the bones and comforts the soul. This is the kind your father was. Atas...