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Skunk Uzeki14 hours ago
How to Disguise the Smell of Weed at Home
Anyone who has been a longtime stoner knows a person (or at least, heard stories of a person) who has been arrested or evicted because the wrong person smelled smoke wafting out of their room. In coll...
Charlotte Fay15 hours ago
French Girl Lifestyle Tips
The French way of life continues to be the goal of many. From fashion to diets, the French seem to be leading the way. With books like How to Be Chic and Elegant by Marie Anne LeCoeur and French Women...
Francesca Gabriel17 hours ago
Why Firenze?
When walking down the timeless streets of Florence, Italy, it is unavoidable to see fashion bouncing between buildings. From hundreds of different dazzling stores, one of a kind boutiques, and glamoro...
Kari Oakley20 hours ago
How to Discover Your Personal Style
Reflect the truth in your everyday appearance.
Alexis Gore2 days ago
Staple Pieces for Your Winter Wardrobe
The winter season can be a great time to experiment with your style. The cold weather allows you to layer and pair different articles of clothing together. Here is a list of signature staple pieces fo...
How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in New Jersey
The buzz around the legal cannabis industry is growing louder as the days progress. Thanks to Canada's recent federal legalization of the plant for recreational purposes, pressure has ramped up for US...