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Getting lost in the forest helps ghosts

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By Phàng Văn DuyPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
Getting lost in the forest helps ghosts
Photo by Mónika Fehér on Unsplash

On a day like any other day, I went into the forest to find medicine. I only had a knife and a gun for self-defense because I was afraid of encountering wild animals. I planned to go home that afternoon. That's why I didn't bring any food with me, just a bottle of water and then I just went into the forest. The forest that I went to was not that I had never been to it, but that place I had been to many times and also called it I took some to eat because I was lost so I couldn't find my way back to the house until now. The old lady just told me that there were some boiled potatoes in the back of the house to eat, then the old lady entered the house again so I I went to the back of the house and saw a small room, so I went inside to look and there was a pot with five potatoes, so I boiled three of them to eat to satisfy my hunger, and then I saw that there was a girl under the trees. near that house, she bowed to me as if she wanted me to go there so she had something to tell me so I went to the tree where she was standing and asked if anything was wrong and she begged me to help her. She escaped this house so I thought she was the old lady's daughter so I asked her why she and her mother were in this forest and only had this small house. She replied. I'm not her child and she asked me to help her escape from this house and she ran over.quite familiar. The picture is there so just like that, I went from my house to that forest, probably about 5 km after I got there. Like every time I go looking for medicine, but this time I picked quite a bit, probably because I picked a lot before. That area was gone so I thought I could go deeper into the forest to find more to see if there was any.

So I went deeper into the forest and the deeper I went, I felt like someone was staring at me so I felt scared. I was about to turn back and decided not to look for medicine anymore, but when I returned I got lost. Because I passed by the stop where I often went to pick medicine, I walked back and forth to find the way but couldn't find it. The more I walked, the more I felt like I was lost deeper into the forest, as if there was some force leading me there. One place I saw a small house at that time I felt very hungry so I decided to go to that house to get some rice to eat and ask for directions home so I went to that house I had the feeling that There were still people in that house, so I knocked on the door, "Is anyone in the house?" I called twice and there was a sound of footsteps coming from the house, walking slowly, then opening the door, I saw an old woman about 80 years old. She asked me, "Do you need anything?" I immediately asked her if she had any food From the other side of the house I immediately followed to ask for clarification but I couldn't see her anywhere and I went back to the kitchen where I boiled the potato and after a while it was cooked and I finished eating and then I went out and asked the old lady for directions. I went out of that forest, but I saw that it was almost dark, so I asked the old lady for directions, and the old lady said it was dark, so I slept at her house so that when it was light, she would show me the way, so I thought it was right, but she The old man didn't let me into the house and only let me stay in the kitchen, so I went to the kitchen and sat there when suddenly I saw the girl back in the same place waving at me. I went there again and she She asked me to help her escape that house so I asked her what I should do to help her and she said that in the middle of the night the old lady left the house and I went into her room. And on top of the old lady's bed there was a wooden statue. I had to take it and break it so she could escape this house. At that time, I didn't know what to do and only knew that I really wanted to. help her and I agreed with her then she went away again and I stayed there until midnight then she appeared again and told me if I want to help her, but now the old lady is not in the house. I can get in. So I go into the house. There is a terrible stench. I can't stand it. I want to go out, but I think if Having agreed with her, I had to try. I went to that old lady's room and then I saw a wooden statue on the head of the bed that was only as big as my wrist. I immediately took it and was about to take it out but I heard Her voice said to destroy it. The old lady was coming home because she couldn't get inside the house, so I immediately smashed the statue on the ground and it broke into two. Then she said outside, tell me to hide. The old lady was about to return so I immediately ran out and I didn't know which direction to go so I just ran straight and I heard a roar behind me. This was not the sound of a wild animal but a A very scary sound was chasing me Then I felt like someone just grabbed my hand and pulled me away. I felt like I was running very fast. I felt that roar getting farther and farther away. For a while, I passed out and didn't know anything. In the dream she came back to hug me and said thank you very much and she told me that she was just a ghost trapped by that old lady and luckily I helped her so she said that now she get out of that house then she will go and later will come back to repay me then I woke up I saw myself lying next to a stream and I thought I was dreaming but I looked back and my body was completely trampled all over my shirt It was all torn up so I believed it was true and then I looked back and it turned out that I knew where I was and I just found my way back.


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