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Why Britain needs to retain its constitutional monarchy.

The British royal family under attack because it matters.

By Peter RosePublished about a month ago 5 min read

Why Britain needs to retain its constitutional monarchy.

The British royal family under attack because it matters.

In an ever-changing world, we all need some bedrock to stabilise ourselves, we need some form of baseline, a belief or feeling that we can use to compare all else against. We all unconsciously view everything, and form every opinion, by comparison to the baseline. It is almost always unconscious, but our unconsciousness is condition by experience, training, and conditioning. Sometimes there remains an “intuitive” understanding, one not based on actual remembered experience but from some much deeper understanding.

As a possible example consider the fact that watching old “cowboy westerns” even the “Clint Eastward” style of showing the dirt and dust, and both good and bad violence, is very popular. Why? Maybe because we all intuitively understand the simplistic evaluation of right and wrong. The dispensing of justice regardless of the law, the taking of personal responsibility regardless of the consequences. Maybe we all would like to live in simpler times where life is straight forward, an earlier time where media and lawyers play no part. These films represent a fictional past where individuals are in charge of their own lives, free of media and political interference. Maybe we all would like to return to straight forward values devoid of spin and distortion. This could be why the British majority like having a monarchy, as this “organisation” is seen, rightly or wrongly, as having and upholding traditional more rigid values, unaffected by fashion and social experimentation. This obviously does not suit the agenda of the republican, socialist cause, it does not meet their need for social engineering and control of the mases through complexities and the spreading of uncertainty. They need people to be unsettled so they can “sell” their lies about how much better things will be if they are in charge, in total control of every aspect of life. This is probably the motivation behind the huge campaign to damage the British royal family by any and every possible means. It is true that some individual members of the family, have fallen from the high standards expected of them and so deserve distain, and this has enabled the enemies of social cohesion and tradition to try to destroy a thousand years of evolution and development of a constitutional monarchy. One that prevents dictatorship by its role of impartial ceremonial head of state. The crown may not have actual power but if the national constitution is threated it could raise public awareness and focus attention. The king, or queen, is raised from birth to a sense of duty to the nation, they are trained for years in how to carry out the duties of head of state with no political bias. This does not suit those who have no duty to the nation, only belief in their own narrow political ambitions. The socialists do not want unbiased leadership they want control. It is said that Lennin claimed that religion is the opium of the people, and that is why communists have tried to eradicate religious belief, they fail because they do not see beyond their obsession with controlling everything. It is obvious in modern times that the drug of choice has changed from religion to the media, particularly Television. So, the left-wing ideologists try to control that. The independence of media distribution, created by the internet, is something they hate.

A casual observation indicates that so many people spend so much time watching TV without ever questioning why they do it. It allows the passage of time with no effort, no engagement of the mind, no use of critical evaluation and no input at all. And so, there is no achievement, no gain at any level. Many will say TV can be educational and so there is a gain, that there is an input that of factual education, but is it true? So much TV is propaganda rather than unbiased raw information. Everything is “explained” but the explanations reflect the views and agenda of the transmitting platform or the individual reporter, rather than unvarnished truth. The viewer is not invited to decide for themselves but encouraged to agree with the presented opinion. Watching TV is passive, no effort no gain. The story of modern life.

Britain has a troubled and violent history, from well before the first invasion by the Romans, around 2020 years ago, then through various civil wars, various successful, and some unsuccessful, invasions there have been constant attempts to impose control over this small island. These troubles have forged a character in the indigenous British people. Those of us who call ourselves British have a DNA that is a mixture of many different racial origins, but this has helped evolve an attitude towards life. It is a matter of opinion as to whether this attitude is good or bad, but it is one that tends to resist forcible change. So modern invaders use much more subtle tactics, they seek to undermine this attitude towards life, to make people question their own underlying beliefs, to alter the fabric of established society and destabilise hundreds of years of evolution. The imposition of multiculturalism, intended to replace the long-established absorption and integration, was and is a political tool. Causing dissension between groups based on racial origins, is politically motivated. The media is used by politically motivated organisations to increase dissatisfaction, to ferment discord. These same political factions need to remove the constitutional monarchy so they can impose their own puppet head of state. Once they achieve this it will take less and 50 years to turn Britain into a one-party state.

The Eu is already trying to force a “one nation” governance over all of the various European nations and this is to be a one nation ruled by bureaucracy, they claim to be socialist, but it is an undemocratic structure of control, maybe that is a definition of modern socialism. The vote by the British people to leave the EU was a blow to their plans for total dominance. The British constitutional monarchy is our last remaining safeguard against the plans to reabsorb Britain into this “Orwellian” political structure. As noted above the crown may not have actual power but if the national constitution is threated it could raise public awareness and focus attention. This is why the republican socialist strive so hard, and though such devious means, to destroy the British constitution.


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