Meghan Markle as the Blanket Statement of a Non-racist Monarchy

by Maura Dudas 2 years ago in celebrities

Was the nation a little too happy for the arrival of the new princess?

Meghan Markle as the Blanket Statement of a Non-racist Monarchy

The only way to truly engage in the rage culture of our times is to observe from afar or jump headfirst into it.

Not really a monarchist. I found The Crown fascinating, it revealed a part of Elisabeth and mostly Margaret that I had no idea existed. I was mostly fascinated by the latter. However, I contributed no more relevance to the historical accuracy of the story than I would with Masters of Sex. I mean there was a lot of BS in that one, trust me...

Meghan Markle is someone we all think is better than any of the previous English roses that could've taken a place next to the ginger rascal. I applaud that she's of no royal blood and has nothing to do with aristocracy. She's a lot less poised and perfect than Kate and she had a life before she agreed to this. If she truly loves him too—well, jackpot ladies and gentlemen.

I personally was only privy to the aftermath of everything. The dress was nice but not Audrey Hepburn-esque as all the magazines reported; I felt the comparison to be ridiculous. It is the person who wears the dress not the other way around. It depends on who you are, what you can pull off. The dress doesn't make you. There was plenty of remembering of Diana, which I thought was a tear-jerker but which suited the event. I doubt that either William or Harry missed their mother more on any other occasion than on a day like this.

However, had anyone expressed a single opinion that was derogatory about the most diminutive aspect of the whole shindig all the unnecessary, screaming women were at your throat. All of them.

Comparisons are not to be made in today's feminist culture. Subjective opinions are shunned and shushed. Had you opened your mouth to say anything remotely negative, there are three middle-aged mums who gave birth in their teens at your windpipe clutching your views with their dogmatic, defensive lectures. After all you must be jealous of another women's achievements or want to take their thunder away if you dare have a voice. Forgetting that just because they envy her not everyone has to.

I love how in the middle of women supporting one another there's an observable imminent presence of vicious nay-sayers at the jugular ready to preach to you as to what your opinion should be and what should and should not be said in order to support each other as women.

Kate's dress was some sort of cream colour that under bright sunlight could've been white. In my knowledge, brides murder people for appearing in anything close to white at their wedding. When I inquired as to whether this was the case in English tradition too, my hunch was confirmed: it was a no-no.

I dared to joke about how she must've done it to upstage the bride...Dear oh, dear. The bloodhounds came.

People were more pissed at ME for thinking on the picture featured in the article the dress looked white on behalf of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle than I've ever seen.

"Stop saying it's white when it's not, it's ridiculous."

The concept of subjective opinions is dead. Do you know how men and women disagree as to what colour the duvet is? One says it's done grey and the other one it's graphite? And no one dies at the end? Those were the good days.

At this point as it seems all you can do concerning a public figure is praise it. Especially if it's a female. Subjective opinions or views are absolutely banished and are retributed with at least half a football team of she-huahuas barking orders like nervous, insecure shells if themselves afraid to have a radical view and be stomped by the wrath of the masses.

What they wanted they achieved. The masses were distracted for a day. They forgot about all that matters in life and lived this opulent dream through with the American girl marrying a prince.

I understand they'll protect this idyllic bubble of perfection and the epitome of what modern society should tend towards—to be more inclusive—by flashing their teeth at anyone who seems threatening to this idea. However I feel like we would've rejoiced regardless of whom Prince Harry chose. It's just an addition that she happens to be biracial. It does warrant more protection though since people think she's all the more prone to attacks because of the colour of her skin. Which is absolute rubbish. All in all the people would've got their wedding with or without Meghan Markle eventually.

I cannot help but feel, as much as I do seem to like Meghan Markle that she is a pawn, a tool, a token, the perfect propaganda to show in the middle of the UK's political climate as a live demonstration of how amazingly non-racist the whole country is including the royals (which is a joke, I mean have you met Prince Phillip?). I also feel like the heated endorsement of this new princess was a step towards the oh-so-wished-for American connections with the States which would fit right into May's policy after leaving the EU.

Meghan Markle serves as the blanket statement for this country now. The British cannot be racist since they have a biracial princess. And if the royals are so tolerant of people of colour then the rest of the Britons must be too.

Nothing demonstrates it better than the way the comments sections exploded after the negative criticism of the wedding dress and other dresses that if anything tolerance or an intelligent argument are rarely the strong suit of the British.

Hail the feminist princess who chose a life of luxury and protocol instead of doing what she loved or was good at.

May they live happily ever after!

Maura Dudas
Maura Dudas
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