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Ghanaians Unleash Homophobic Hate Speech As Sam George Fires Back At US Ambassador Virginia Palmer He Forgets He Admitted Ghanians Are Corrupt

Sam George who insulted Ghanians on social media claims Ghana is accepting

By IwriteMywrongsPublished 10 months ago 5 min read
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Friday, 11 August 2023

By: TB Obwoge

Ghana has already outlawed homosexuality and are now have created a more restrictive law against homosexuality. A law that will punish citizens for having a sex toy and for wearing clothing that doesn't match their genitals.

I agree that Ghana should make any law that they want, they don't even enforce their laws, like the ban on skin bleaching, polygamy, woman beating, sex with children or abuse of children and women. So everyone knows this law too won't get enforced at all.

Any country should be free to make their own laws and regulations. However the corruption in Ghana makes it a horrible place to invest, not to mention that hatred that Ghanians spew because of skin color, even calling Black Americans white people.

Authors Photo from Ghana As they ran Nigerian owner out of Ghana

I had the worst time living in Ghana, abuse verbally everyday I stepped out of my home. From constant bribery by the Ghanian police and immigration. To being sexually assaulted by a Ghana police officer and going to report the crime to Ghana IGP only to have them ignore me.

Sam George, who admitted that the average Ghanian is corrupted now claims that Ghanians have morals. How can the average Ghanian be corrupted but now all of a sudden they have morals? The two statements to an educated person make no sense.

In an interview he admitted to paying is way into is political role in Ghana, where he received no backlash or punishment from their corrupted government. This should have been followed up with an investigation however Ghanians love his homophobic hatred.

Where he always puts Saudi Arabia on the table, as if the Saudi empire is begging for loans and investments. Also in Saudi Arabia they have not put to death any gay person but they did kill a man who had sex with a child.

Ghana barely punishes anyone who rapes, beats or throws their child onto the streets of Ghana. If they're going to use Saudi Arabia as an example they should at least protect their women and children, the way the Saudi's protect theirs.

Hundreds of Ghanians took to UTV News Ghana's Facebook page to post death threats to the Ambassador. Most called her a pig, insulted her looks, called her double chinned. Some insults which should have been deleted were just hidden.

Screenshots of insults from Ghanians

Several Ghanians asked for her email so that they could personally send her death threats and insults. How is this proving that your country is accepting of anyone?

How is Ghana accepting when you go to call a woman a man, fat and all sorts of insults, is that part of their culture?

Screenshots from Facebook insults

Yes, it is, as a person that lived in Ghana and never once did I want them to accept homosexuality, I was insulted everyday, just for walking down the streets. I would go to my favorite places to eat and face racial hatred and I AM A BLACK PERSON!

From RocoMamas A and C Mall Accra, Ghana where a wait staff named Debra insulted me for correcting her when she called me white. All I said was I'm Black, she went onto insult me for 15 minutes, as other Ghanians pointed and laughed and repeated, "She thinks she's Black!"

Sitting inside RocoMamas restaurant in East Legon Accra Ghana, one of my most beloved places to eat here. I was seated in front of this very MacBook typing this article.

I was greeted by a waitress she took my order & started chatting with me. I love to talk and listen to the lives of people just moments prior to entering the eatery I met a woman handing out flyers for a school.

I've had Ghana police force Ghanians I was riding in the car with to pay bribery money because they thought I was a white woman. I've been stopped by Ghana immigration several times and asked for my passport, even after a year of living in Ghana.

You can go on any Google search of racism in Ghana it will all point to racism from White people, there are little to know articles about racism from Ghanians, even though it exists.

I write about being called white in Ghana, not only being called white but having Bolt drivers tell me to GTFO of their car. Or the Bolt Foods delivery guy who thought I was a white person so he refused to give me my food. After 20 minutes he then threatens to beat me, when I asked why he didn't come to me even though he saw me standing outside. The man then threw my food onto the ground then charged me for it on my account.

Screenshots from insulting Ghanians

It took weeks to get that charge off my account because I was not picking up food from the ground and going to eat it. He then lied and said he laid it on the wall to my compound, when I took several photos, to show Bolt Foods that he could not have laid anything on that wall or climbed through the tall grass to get to it.

Even Ghana police officers called me white and when I asked them to stop the one said look at your skin color. When I pointed out that skin color isn't race and that I am not as light as white person, I had to explain why I have 74% African DNA. This was to a man that was barely brown skinned.

Everyday in Ghana the color of my skin was mentioned, every restaurant I went to even the ones I went to several times, people would stop eating to look at me. They would loudly discuss my skin color and race, why is this an issue? Why is it that Black Americans who are darker don't seem to care? I will never understand.

On homosexuality, many called the American ambassador fat, pig, and a man. Again insults I have gotten because Ghanians continued to call me a. man because of my weight and size. I've been called a pig and fat as well.

Ghanians bully worse than South Koreans, Ghanians skin bleach because they even bully dark skinned Africans as well. Bullying has led to people with vitiligo and albinism to stay inside as well.

Ghanians are lying when they claim that they accept everyone, even other West Africans face housing and employment discrimination. They openly use xenophobic rhetoric and Black Americans don't seem to care. Some in a n expat group have said that Ghanians have discriminated against them, one was not able to rent a car because he is a Black American.

However since racism is so bad around the world, I guess they ignore it but I could not. Being called white was not fun and the fact people denied me services was a true example of the hatred. The fact that my skin color was talked about often shows that Ghana is not an accepting country.

Even in Kenya they didn't scream out at me in the streets but in Ghana it's brutal and everyday. Just my writing about Ghana alone gets me death threats and insults from Ghanians.

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I'm the president of a nonprofit. I've lived in 3 countries, I love to travel, take photos and help children and women around the world! One day I pray an end to Child Marriages, Rape and a start to equal Education for ALL children 🙏🏽

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