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Bitter reflections after the NATO summit 2023

More hesitations and delays from the west - more innocent victims and dangers for the whole world

By Bozhan BozhkovPublished 10 months ago 4 min read

The NATO meeting in Vilnius on July 11th and 12th, 2023, triggered some unsettling thoughts within me. However, let's first delve into some older events. Since the early days of his career, Vladimir Putin has exhibited a behavior reminiscent of someone from a not-so-distant past. In fact, he has followed in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler, emulating the path that led Hitler to become the historical figure we know today.

Specifically, Putin began by targeting the wealthy and influential financial and industrial oligarchs, eliminating those who posed a threat or opposed him. This process was often carried out in a particularly brutal manner. Consequently, he surrounded himself with individuals who were loyal to him.

In parallel with his purge of the oligarchs, Putin embarked on a propaganda campaign reminiscent of Goebbels' tactics. This propaganda was aimed at discrediting the West as a whole, including the United States and the European Union. Western values were ridiculed, and tolerance towards individuals with different sexual orientations, religions, and opinions was portrayed as a weakness. A powerful propaganda machine glorified Putin's personality, much like what occurred with Hitler and Stalin.

When Putin initiated the invasion of Ukraine in 2014, it was accompanied by a reckless propaganda campaign that vilified Ukrainians, portraying them as the worst criminals in the world.

Yes, it is easy to see the common in the steps passed by Putin and Hitler. But I think, if I am able to see that likeness, it is impossible it to be missed by the westerns political analysts who have access to much more information than me! I’m sure they have done their analyses at time.

It is indeed perplexing to consider why Western political analysts, who have access to extensive information and resources, may not have acted adequately in response to the parallels between Putin and Hitler. It's unlikely that they were inherently stupid or naive, as becoming a politician typically requires astuteness and awareness. So, what could explain their actions or lack thereof? . I don’t like no one of the possible answers.

One possible factor to consider is the energy dependence of many European countries on Russia. This dependency may have influenced the responses of Western politicians, as taking a strong stance against Putin's actions could have jeopardized their energy supplies. Additionally, there seemed to be a lack of consistent and decisive reactions from Western leaders following Russia's massive invasion of Ukraine. These inconsistent responses further contribute to the complexity of the situation.

Lastly, recent revelations concerning a prominent British leader, who played a significant role in driving Brexit, add another layer to the overall picture.

The recent NATO summit's outcomes seem to reinforce the previous stance of the West towards Ukraine. This includes not only the refusal to grant Ukraine NATO membership but also the hesitancy in providing Ukraine with long-range weapons and modern aircraft.

Throughout the course of the conflict, it has become evident that the Alliance's restraint has inadvertently emboldened Putin's aggressive tendencies. Had military aid been provided to Ukraine at the outset of the war, the situation might have evolved significantly differently. However, the delay in delivering military assistance has allowed the Putin regime to prepare for a prolonged defense, accumulate more weapons, and exert further pressure on Ukraine.

Furthermore, historical experience has demonstrated that conventional military losses do not prompt the Russian president to seek peace but rather may drive them to consider the use of nuclear weapons. Therefore, the delay in accepting Ukraine into NATO and providing robust military support carries significant risks.

In addition, prolonging the conflict in Ukraine could have severe environmental consequences that would inevitably impact the entire continent. The ongoing warfare, potential damage to critical infrastructure, and the potential for environmental disasters, such as industrial accidents or destruction of nuclear facilities, pose substantial risks to the region and beyond.

At the final I’ll translate some of the opinion of a Russian girl about that NATO summit:

"I have a very uneasy feeling that Ukraine is being set up for a drain. And yes, I understand that Ukraine has many issues apart from the war, but here's the thing: first, you win the war, eradicate corruption, and meet our standards, and then we'll consider helping...

No, that's not how it works. It's like telling a man with bleeding wounds, who's being chased by a maniac, to find a place to shower or else he'll stain the house and ruin expensive carpets. And then, I'll assist you.

Continuing the analogy: instead of calling an ambulance and neutralizing the maniac, you stand at the doorway and question yourself: Is the victim really asking for help? Maybe the maniac killed his family, but we still need to prove it?

If there's a fire in your neighborhood, but as long as it doesn't reach your property, you have a fence. It'll come. Don't rush to put out the fire; it'll undoubtedly reach you.

When and which war has ever been won solely through defense and not through offense? We'll provide you with planes in the fall, and then, watch as the Ukrainian offensive is stifled, and everyone will sit down at the negotiating table... because by then, everyone will be tired of war. What a bitter irony.

I wholeheartedly embrace the entire democratic world, the rule of law, and even dictatorship, but they don't apply in the case of Russia.

A country that has abandoned the norms of international law can only be defeated through brute force and nothing else.

I don't know how many more victims the West can stomach, but for Ukraine, every victim is irreparable."

The full text on Russian is there:

In conclusion, Ukraine will ultimately prevail in this war, just as Russia emerged victorious in World War II. This victory will be achieved due to the support of civilized nations, who will provide weapons, supplies, and various types of machinery. However, the duration of the conflict and the number of innocent lives lost will greatly depend on the determination of Western countries to act decisively.


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Bozhan Bozhkov

Hi, dear readers. I'm Bulgarian. I used to be a physicist, that's my education, but now I work as a network administrator. For many years, I have been writing a blog, and have also written several fairy tales and short stories, and a novel.

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  • Nevena Pascaleva10 months ago

    A very good analysis. Sadly, it's all about interests...

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