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Is Putin an agent of the West?

Who is the greatest pro-Western politician?

By Bozhan BozhkovPublished 11 months ago Updated 11 months ago 4 min read
Author - the famous Bulgarian cartoonist Christo Komarnitski

Among Western politicians, there has been no singular figure who can be universally recognized as the greatest pro-Western politician or the most ardent supporter of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). However, recent events have prompted European countries to set aside their differences and unite against shared threats.

Vladimir Putin, despite his initial disregard and perception of Europe as weak, inadvertently achieved the consolidation of Europe. In response to perceived challenges, Europe quickly took steps to reduce its dependence on Russia, a notable accomplishment.

Another significant outcome attributed to Putin's actions is the willingness of countries that were previously uninterested in NATO membership to actively pursue it. Consequently, Russia now finds itself with over 1,100 kilometers of additional borders with NATO.

It is widely believed that Ukraine's integration into the European Union is becoming increasingly likely, and its eventual acceptance into NATO could follow suit. This development, which may have seemed impossible before, is now on the horizon. Consequently, the possibility of Ukraine becoming a NATO member brings the NATO borders closer to Moscow, marking a significant shift.

Furthermore, Putin's “success” extends to his own territory. Recently, Igor Grosu, the Parliament Speaker of the Republic of Moldova, announced their country's withdrawal from the Agreement on the Interparliamentary Assembly of the Community of Independent States (CIS). This decision reflects the ongoing impact of Putin's policies within neighboring countries.

M-r Grosu said:

“After 30 years, it became very clear that the inclusion of the Republic of Moldova in the structures of the CIS did not help us to resolve the Transnistrian conflict, did not help us to remove the Russian army from the territory of the Republic of Moldova, did not protect us from economic embargoes in the more complicated times. Being in the CIS did not protect us from energy blackmail in the middle of winter, threats and official statements hostile to the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova. Being in the CIS did not protect member countries from military attacks, war and illegal occupation of sovereign territories. After a CIS founding country, the Russian Federation, barbarically attacked another founding state, Ukraine, occupying its territories and killing its citizens, this organization can no longer be called a community."

"My message to our citizens is simple. The Republic of Moldova is an independent country, recognized, respected by friends and neighbors, free to make sovereign decisions. We have the determination and the responsibility to move away from the source of evil, from the source of poverty, from the source of war and destruction. We have proved in 30 years that we want democracy, freedom and prosperity at home. We are doing step by step what the citizens expect from us, we are ensuring our children a stable, prosperous and full of opportunities, a European future."

There have been speculations surrounding the withdrawal of the Republic of Moldova from the CIS, with initial announcements made last year. However, it appears that the withdrawal process is indeed continuing, which sends a clear signal to other members of the Community of Independent States. Notably, Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia have already applied for EU membership, and in June of the previous year, the European Council granted EU candidate status to Moldova and Ukraine.

Looking ahead, the next potential milestone for Vladimir Putin could be the disintegration of Russia itself. While this may sound far-fetched at the moment, considering the seemingly impossible events that have unfolded in recent years, it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. The legacy of the Soviet Era has left a heavy burden, with many nationalities forcibly relocated to areas distant from their places of origin, and a significant portion of the population feeling oppressed and neglected. It is important to acknowledge that the Russian population remains influenced by powerful propaganda and faces a strong law enforcement presence. However, as the Russians say, "Let's live and see" — time will reveal the future course of events.

Also China looks at Siberia with interest, but this is a topic for another discussion.

In conclusion: Putin is certainly not a agent of the West, but he has displayed strategic prowess reminiscent of one. However, it is unfortunate that his "achievements" have come at a great cost, resulting in numerous lives lost on both sides of the conflicts.

Ideally, it would have been far better if Putin had chosen to invest the substantial sums of money allocated to propaganda

My post about the power of the propaganda:

and weapons into improving the quality of life for the Russian people. This would have allowed for the continuation of a bipolar political model, but people would have saved their normal lives.


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  • Novel Allen5 months ago

    Narcissists only see as far as their own noses, completely incapable of seeing a bigger picture. One must be careful whom they elect into power.

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